Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Goals straight from the Kiddos' Mouths

I had to chuckle today, wben I was writing down some goals for the kiddo's. Among the many that were cute and funny, Ladybug set a personal goal to "Eat a Food!", and Cuddle Bug and Luv Bug both listed Nephi as their favorite scripture hero...Luv Bug, because he held onto the iron rod and ate the fruit of the tree of life, and Cuddle Bug, because he did "The Things The Lord Commands" (singing) and got the brass plates. Snug and Wiggle Bug both listed Daniel as their favorite scripture character and Ladybug just plain likes the whole Book of Mormon! Oh, and for his favorite song these days, Wiggle likes to sing a combo of Scripture Power and Follow the Prophet. SO CUTE and funny! We had a good time tracing everyone's hand and writing down their shoe size and some other "All About Me" things. It was fun!

In other news, boy is Luv becoming quite the little worker! She helps me so much each day! She has been loading and unloading the dishwasher, drying the pots and pans and putting them away (with my help), learning to sweep the floor and she's really great at wiping down the counters in the kitchen! She does it cheerfully every day and has been asking what else she can help me with! I am so proud of her! Today, she and Cuddle Bug were doing the "Shake and Throw" Boogie in the laundry room. (AKA unloading the washer into the dryer.) So sweet to see and hear them grabbing clothes and saying "Shake... and Throw!", together! :0)

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