Monday, January 3, 2011

Ready, Set GO! AND...The Tale of Peter Rabbit (and other stories)

Today marks the beginning of our school year. (I have to start fresh at the beginning of every year, I just can't seem to go along with the public school schedule.) :0) I woke up early, tidied my room, made my bed, got myself ready for the day and said my morning prayers. We have re-vamped our Reminder Wall, to reflect the things we want to focus on for the year, and I've made sure, not to leave any room for other "non-essential STUFF" to find it's way onto my wall. We are going with a "Less is More" approach this year, and so far, so good! Last night, after talking with Mr. Man for the past 2 weeks about the need to change up our Obedience Bugs system, I found what I think will be the answer...The Ladder to Heaven. (The People that go along with it.) So far, it seems to be motivating for the children! :0) We are trying for more peace in our home this year! This system really give vision to our words and actions and how they can either take us closer to our Heavenly Father, or further away from Him. I think it will work well!
Today, we read The Tale of Peter Rabbit (along with some of the other cute stories in the book.) The kids really loved these stories and we talked about the actions of some of the characters and had a nice discussion about behavior and the good or bad consequences that follow. I LOVE it when my kids don't want me to stop reading! We always have something to look forward to when we are reading a great book! We are still trying to decide on a book to read for Kidschool. Some of the kiddo's want to read The Sign of the Beaver, because they saw the movie from my mom's house and LOVED it so much! Some of them want to read Swiss Family Robinson (again, from their love of the movie on Family Movie Night.) Cuddle Bug wants to read The Little Princess! (Ya' gotta' love Shirley Temple, right?) Yep, you guessed it...another family movie night favorite! Anyway...the goal for tomorrow, is to narrow down a small selection of books and then vote on which one we will read together! I'll let ya' know what we come up with! :0)

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