Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking Forward and Looking For Information

I am excited about some upcoming events this year! The TJEd forum is coming up and I learned SO much there last year! I am looking forward to learning even more this, year, now that I have another year of experience using the principles of TJEd in our home and family! I am also looking forward to our first ever, Mom's retreat, with our homeschooling community! I am excited beyond belief, that we will get to hear from some amazing women in the TJEd community, who really know their stuff! They are coming for a weekend in April and I know it will be so uplifting and inspiring for me! It's not easy to home educate yourself and your family, especially when you are used to riding on the "conveyor belt" of the public school system, where you are told what to do and when and how to do it. I am particularly excited to learn new ideas about how to be an effective "inspirer" for my family, and how to set goals and attain them, etc. I simply cannot wait to learn from these 2 upcoming events! I need this kind of a "re-charge"!

We have had some new, little epiphanies in our family, these past few weeks. Each time that I sit to read with the children, Luv Bug points out words, left and right, that she has figured out on her own. She is really getting quite good at this! We are so excited for her! Cuddle Bug has recently started tracing letters, here and there, in his brother's activity book, and we are super excited about this too! It has been hard to teach him that he is capable of writing and drawing on his own. He tends to require perfection from himself, and thus, doesn't think his own work is good enough! He is gaining confidence though, and we are so glad!

We had a little scare with Cuddle Bug today. In the past, he underwent allergy testing and we had been told that he was allergic to peanuts. We challenged that testing, because prior to learning about this, we had given him things that had nuts in it before. They challenged his peanut allergy and said he was fine and had likely outgrown his allergy. Today for speech therapy (yes. Cuddle Bug gets speech therapy too now), the therapist used a little peanut butter on his lip, to show him where to put his tongue to say his "L's". Shortly afterward, his eye started to swell and so did his lip. He started coughing and I had to give him a rescue breathing treatment. So...this Friday, we are headed back to his allergist's office, to find out what's up with him and peanuts, again! This is one of those things, where I find myself being extra vigilant. When you're children come to you through the miracle of adoption, you just can't take anything for granted. There is always a wealth of things that you don't know about your children and the possible health risks, concerns or issues, that may be hereditary for them! I wish that more information was available for adoptive families!
Just this morning, in dealing with another "records" issue for our son, Wiggle Bug, I was thinking of how great it would be, to give some training to new foster parents, about keeping good records for their foster children, so that when they get adopted or even if they go back home, that their parents would have all the necessary tools and information, to properly advocate for them! I can't tell you, how many times, I have wished to know more about my children and their lives before they came to us, so that I would be better equipped to help them through life! :0)

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