Monday, January 10, 2011

Leaving a Legacy

Today I got to study! (Everyone say "Wow! Awesome!") :0) Our day went perfectly today! What's up with that, right? I am so grateful! Having a schedule for our time, really does help everything flow throughout the day! Anyway...what did I do with my study time??? I got a really strong prompting last night, that I need to study my family history and share it with my children this year! So today I started reading from my family book about John Tanner! I am honored and proud to be one of his 6th Great Granddaughters! What an amazing man! He gave all he had to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Joseph Smith told him that for this dedication and faithfulness to the gospel, his "children would never beg for bread! That same blessing shows up from time to time, in various family members' patriarchal blessings. I believe it is in my aunt's patriarchal blessing. His testimony and faith are so inspiring to me! He truly cared for others and was known for his generosity to those who needed it most! He was a friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith and faced trials and hardships like all of the early saints. In fact, he happened to be on a "political mission", as part of Joseph Smith's run for President of the United States, when Joseph was martyred. He continued on in faith, and with his sons, was often of great benefit to many of the other Saints of the church. I can't wait to continue my study about him, and his family! It is truly awe inspiring!

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