Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Call me Nephi

Lately, I have been getting a kick and a half out of Wiggle Bug! He seriously cracks us up around here! His new favorite thing to do, is to put all of his cowboy clothing and accessories on, including the black hat, and march around the living room singing "Follow Me Boys" with his brothers. So...they were marching and singing yesterday, and as I listened to the dialog between them, I heard Wiggle Bug say (in response to one of his brothers) "No...just call me "Wiggle Nephi!" (obviously he doesn't refer to himself as "Wiggle" but he used his own first name.) It was precious and adorable! Today...the cuteness continued when he asked me "Mom, why does Mickey Mouse look this way?" He held up his toy Mickey. I simply said "Well, how do you want him to look?" He said, "Handsome!" Again, he cracked me up! Then...he wrapped him up in one of the girls' handkerchiefs, and said "He looks like the baby Jesus." Can I just tell you how adorable it is, that almost every word out of this little guy's mouth, refers to the gospel! I think he's trying to tell us something! :0)

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