Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, I must have done something right today! In the midst of our crazy day (EVERY day is kinda' crazy around here), my kiddo's learned a thing or two! I have been trying very hard, to give some well-balanced structure to our days. We have been having a morning devotional and story from The Children's Friend magazine, and today we finally chose our "Read Aloud" book...Caddie Woodlawn! (The children just couldn't believe that Caddie and her brothers would strip down to their underthings and cross a river by themselves, while holding their clothes over their heads, no less! This story captivated their attention instantly! I haven't ever read it before, but I can tell it's going to be a great one!) We spent some good time reviewing The Articles of Faith, and played a game about them, too! Then, we talked about our character quality for this week, which is Joyfullness! And TONIGHT, when Luv Bug said family prayer, the very last thing she prayed for, was that we could "be a good family and have JOY!" She's 6. I was pretty impressed! She was listening today! I told her how great I thought that was! As the prayer ended, I saw that Snug-a-Bug was smiling and I told him I could tell that he'd been listening today too! So Great! I love days like this...when you think they are only halfway listening, only to find that they were ABSOLUTELY listening! Talk about a joyful day! This one was tops! :0)

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