Monday, January 24, 2011

Highlights of the Week (Yes, it's only Monday!) Sounds like a great week ahead!

* Cuddle Bug walking around with books, pointing to letters on the title page and asking me what they are!

* FHE: Read D&C 89, about the Word of Wisdom, and took a trip to Sprouts to shop for healthy foods! (P.S. after watching Food Inc., we are a changed family! You should check it out! NOT FUN, BUT LIFE CHANGING!)

(Check out Food Matters on You Tube, too!)

* An AWESOME day of Family Work! ( I made a Chore Card system which is better than the last one I made, and I used my Label Maker and everything!) LOL :0) I LOVE this and so do the kids!
* Impromptu Game Night with the kids! (Starting in a few minutes! Sounds like fun to me!)

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