Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Headgates and a Heaven On Earth

I read THIS today! (Somehow, she posted twice, but it's a great post!) This is how I have felt about closing some of the Headgates in our lives, and guiding our children down the path we want them to follow! This morning during morning chores, Luv Bug started a conversation with me, that literally went like this:
Luv: Mom...I know the church is true!
Me: That's wonderful, Luv!
Luv: Yeah...my teachers at Primary tell me it's true and I believe them. I know some people don't believe them, but I do.
Me: I am so glad! Did you know that you can ask Heavenly Father to tell you if the gospel is true?
Luv: I can?
Me: Yep! You can pray and ask Him and He will tell you so you can know for yourself and gain your very own testimony!
Luv: Oh, I should do that! :)

That was how our conversation went! Isn't she precious?! I am so grateful for the time an environment that allows me and my 6 year old daughter, to talk about things like this! I am so happy to see the creativity and imagination in my kiddo's! I am
so happy to be simplifying life!

We don't have all the latest "gadgets" and "doo-dads"...and boy are we glad about that! Many people like to try and convince us that we are being left in the dust, but Mr. Man and I just laugh. My very best friend from high school, seems to have lost the ability to communicate with me in person or by phone. She insists that we text message each other! I LOVE my friend...BUT...I LOATHE texting! Who has time for this? If I am going to talk to someone, it's going to be worthwhile. Even email is better than texting. At least with an email, I can send it and move on with my day! Texting drives me batty! Mr. Man and I were talking the other day, about how the world just keeps coming up with more ways to get people to stop talking to each other. It's crazy and ridiculous! For these same reasons, we are vigilant about not letting our kids play video games. Video games are the biggest waste of time on the planet! (No offense to friends, family and guests who think they are awesome!) I do not subscribe to the theory that "we were put on the earth at this time, to enjoy all that man has to offer." In contrast to that idea, I believe that we were put on the earth at this time, to fulfill a mission, and that Satan will use whatever tools, tricks, gadgets and distractions, to throw us off from our missions. Satan is sneaky and he knows the good we can do, if we stay focused on our priorities! Now...I also realize what a wonderful blessing it is, to live on the earth when there are so many worthwhile and "man-made" technologies to bless our lives. A mother of children with various special needs, can see the value of the many technologies that provide peace and comfort, nourishment, etc. to her children. I think that's the trick though! My Patriarchal blessing tells me to "learn about the world and the good things that are in it." I think we have to look for the good and worthwhile, and leave the twaddle in it's place. Easier said than done, to be sure...but our home is living proof that it can be done! Home truly can be a Heaven on Earth! We just need to be intentional about it!


  1. I love how you describe this as "Heaven on Earth". It is a beautiful way to live. Your kids are so precious and they say the sweetest things!