Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Gospel Standards

We have a Reminder Wall at our house. It drives my mom CRAZY! :0) She has been known to ask on one or two occasions, "Do you have to have this stuff on this wall?" And the answer of course, in the spirit of practicality, is "Yep!" LOL :0) Our Reminder Wall looks a lot better than it used to! Right now, it consists of 2 small cork boards, which each hold a couple of quotes I love, and also some information about goal setting, character qualities we are learning this year, principles of peace for our family, and a poem or two that I love! In addition to these cork boards on the wall, we've also posted our Family Vision, our Family Standards and our Time Not Content Schedule. On a white board, where we keep our grocery lists, I always write down and Primary Song and a Hymn for us to learn throughout the week. We also have a short list of the meetings we need to have as a couple and as a family, on a regular basis. Around the corner, is our Heavenly Ladder, for motivating the children to behave well.

This year, we've added 3 things to our Reminder Wall. 3 SMALL things, that make a BIG impact on life! We added The Articles of Faith flashcards which sit in their own pocket on the wall, we added My Gospel Standards flashcards, in their own pocket, and we added an FHE Planning Wheel. We've been working on memorizing The Articles of Faith, for about a year or so. This week, we also started reciting the Gospel Standards, and discussing what they mean. (Does anyone know if these have been put to music yet?) We had a great discussion the other day, about the Atonement, and about some points about marriage, taken from The Family Proclamation. (Did you know The Proclamation has been set to music?) I am always amazed at how smart and wise our children are! They all have great heads on their shoulders and they understand SO much more than I did at their age, about the Atonement and other important truths of the gospel! I am excited for them, and the important missions they are preparing for. As a mother, I just hope that I prepare them well, for all that they were sent here to accomplish!

In other exciting news...we received some goodies from Discover the Scriptures, this week! This will make our Book of Mormon lapbooking, so much more organized and impactful! I can't wait to dig in to everything this week!

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