Friday, January 14, 2011

Awww Nuts!!! (And other things)

So our sweet Cuddle Bug is officially STILL allergic to peanuts and we've been told that he needs to stay away from ALL nuts! He was tested when he was around 2 years old, and found to have an allergy to peanuts and dogs. We challenged his peanut allergy, when he was about 3 years old. They gave him a ton of peanut butter and he never reacted to it, so they told us that he had probably outgrown the allergy, but that we should keep giving him peanut butter so his body would continue to build up an immunity to the allergy. The only problem?...he HATES peanuts and peanut butter and wouldn't ever touch the stuff! So now his body is right back to where it was, allergic to peanuts. I am SO glad that I took him to see his allergist today! She is a great doctor and she cares so much about her patients. They tested him for peanut allergy again, and he reacted. We now how 2 Epi-pens that have to accompany us everywhere we go with Cuddle Bug. Scary, but extremely necessary! We are SO blessed that he hasn't had any major incidents! We pray that Heavenly Father will continue to watch over him and bless him to not have any allergic reactions in the future. It's back to reading the labels of everything we buy...but he's SO worth it! He is such a sweet boy and such a blessing in our lives!

Today, my mom watched the kiddo's while Cuddle and I were at the allergist. When we got home, my mom and I were watching the kids play in the backyard, and she commented about Miss Ladybug and the way she always plays off by herself, or just walks the square perimeter of the yard over and over. Just yesterday, Mr. Man and I were talking about how we've noticed that Ladybug doesn't hardly talk anymore. It's not like she's ever really talked a whole lot, but she's become increasingly more non-verbal. Her eye contact is almost non-existent. She still chooses not to eat anything, most of the time. She's so precious and such a sweetheart. It breaks my heart when I think about her deficits and delays. I got a call this morning, that the developmental pediatrician wants to see her a couple weeks sooner than her August appointment. We'll take it! This is the appointment where we will hear his diagnosis for her, and whether or not it's really Autism. And then....what do we do??? I suppose we'll just keep loving her and taking one day at a time! She's definitely very easy to love! She's a true blessing!

In other news...we received Snug's colored acetate sheets to help with his dyslexia today! We had to experiment with which colors help his letters and words stop jumping and flipping, and which ones don't, but we figured out a few good color combo's and his reading just took off! I was so impressed with how much this $10.00 item is helping him! We are excited to see what he can learn this year, thanks to the right colors and conditions! He's such a great kiddo' and has so much potential! We love him so much, and are excited to see his life improve with these little helps, this year!

Luv Bug helped my Mom tidy up the kitchen today, wipe counters and the table after meals, and polish the cupboards. She's quite the little worker and really makes us so proud! She is still having success with controlling some of her behaviors a little better! She's very smart and asks lots of great questions! What a joy she is to our family! We love her a ton and are always smiling about her cute, qwerky ways!

Wiggle Bug's legs are still really hurting him, and after his PT quitting recently to go work elsewhere, we are still frantically searching for a physical therapist who can come in and do therapy with him every week! He goes through a lot in his little life! We are excited to see how well he is growing and are getting creative with ways to teach him, mainly through music, since he can memorize things better if they have a tune. What a remarkable kiddo' he is! We are blessed that he is ours! We love him oodles!

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