Sunday, January 30, 2011

Answering the Call, Quiet "I Love You's" and How to Adopt.

I enjoyed what I was able to hear, at Sacrament Mtng. today! A man in our ward, spoke about Missionary Service. He talked about how we accepted the call, in the pre-existence, to serve in the very situations of life, that we find ourselves in. I thought to myself, "How great would it be, if I could remember this each day! If I rise each day, remembering my mission, how will my behavior and responses to the duties required, change?" I know that I marveled at the call I was given! I know that I eagerly told my Heavenly Father, that I would be willing to accept the many trials life hands me. And today, the realization came to me, that I probably nodded my head, with a BIG smile on my face, as some of these trials were listed. So, I've had a paradigm shift today! And since I've recently been learning some more, great tricks for parenting, I have been able to keep my perspective a little more on the eternal side, lately! Let's pray this paradigm shift continues! I like feeling this way! I am glad to be answering His call to me...each day! :0)

Today in Sacrament Mtng., Ladybug sat on her Daddy's lap or busily clacked her shoes on the floor, as she walked around in her funny way, up and down our aisle. At one moment, while she sat with Mr. Man, I signed "I LOVE YOU", to her, with the three fingers up. She sweetly tried to sign "I LOVE YOU", back. Mr. Man saw what she was trying to do, and helped her. It's little moments like that, that I LIVE for! She had a great day today! She stayed in Sharing Time today, with her class. And while she wasn't completely still and quiet, (exploring the room and getting into things like she does), she was able to stay for the whole time, and go to class. In class, they watched a movie about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the gospel. Her teachers told me that she sat under the table, felt the "straw" wall and drew on the chalk board. BUT...she stayed! AND she wasn't so disruptive that she had to leave! What a blessing! She has two, sweet women teachers who love her and are so sweet with her! How grateful I am, for teachers who "get it!"

During Sacrament Mtng., Cuddle Bug came to snuggle with me for a few moments. He was enamored with a baby girl who sat 2 rows in front of us. She was adorable! She was making her cute baby noises, and he said "Mom...what is she saying?" I told him that's how babies talk when they're little. He thought that was pretty funny! We talked about how he's going to get to be a dad someday, and I asked him if he thought he and his wife would have kids or adopt some or all of them. He said "Nope, I'M going to have the kids!" When I told him only girls can "HAVE" the kids, he said "Oh...well then I can adopt them, but...I don't know HOW to adopt!" He's so funny! I told him it's okay, that when he get's to that point in his life, I'd be happy to help him and is wife know how to adopt their kids! He's such a thoughtful kiddo'! I love all of the great conversations we have as a family, and how the kids all talk so candidly about how they envision their future families, and how adoption, foster care and special needs and circumstances all weave into these visions, so seamlessly! They do indeed, have some pretty great missions to fulfill!

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