Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Very Special Day!

We had so much fun today, celebrating Luv's upcoming birthday! She's turning 6! I can't believe it! She's growing up to be such a smart and beautiful girl, who is the sunshine of our life! We started off with breakfast with Santa at my parents' ward! This was FANTASTIC! We're talking pancakes with buttermilk syrup-Fantastic! SO Yummy and so much FUN! My dad is the ward photographer, so I am excited to see each picture that he got of our kiddo's with Santa one on one! After the breakfast with the Jolly Man himself, we...or should I say "I" did some Christmas shopping. Mr. Man and the kiddo's graciously dropped me off at a couple different places and waited for me to run in and out to try and find as many of the little things that are still on my list, as I could. We are having quite the simple Christmas this year, and I must say that I am loving how de-stressed I feel! It allows us more time and energy to focus on our Savior this Christmas, instead of all the commercialism and money spent. And who doesn't LOVE thrift store shopping? I LOVE it! This evening was the perfect example of that sweet Christmas simplicity that I love. We decided to check out something we heard about at church last week...The Third Annual Live Nativity Under the Stars at our stake center. WOW! I can't believe we never knew about this in the years past. From the minute we walked onto the field (it was in the ball field behind the building), we could feel such a strong spirit there. Our kiddo's were astonished at seeing the Christmas story come to life before their eyes. There was singing and narration and live animals and a live baby who played the part of Jesus. It was truly wonderful and such a great way to start off this Christmas season. A little drive afterward to see some pretty amazing light shows in some decked out neighborhoods, put droopy eyes to rest in their car seats and then we headed home. Of course, one of the best things we did today, was what we did in the middle of all of this...celebrating 6 years of sunshine with Miss Luv Bug! She had a lovely birthday part with grandparents (who brought dinner to share)and cousins and brothers and sisters and Mr. Man and I! She received 3 babies this year...Tiana from The Frog and The Princess (we broke down and allowed some Disney, since she is brown like Miss Luv, and since she adores her from when we went to see the Movie for her birthday last year), an ADORABLE Water Baby that Nana and Papa found for her, who is also brown and seriously SO SWEET! I think Water Babies are my new favorite doll for little girls! And then the last baby, is a porcelain doll who looks just like our Ladybug and who reminded Luv Bug of Mary from Little House on the Prairie. She's enamored with her and want to take very special care of her! Overall...we had one very special day!

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