Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She Sang Today!

I am SO excited...I just HAD to share! Our Ladybug sang today! She sang! For the very first time...EVER! I thought it was Wiggle Bug's voice I was hearing, but soon found that it was Miss Ladybug! Now this is the truly precious part...the words she sang were, "Happy Birthday Jesus!" You can't get anymore precious or fitting than that! We have been hoping and praying and trying so hard to get her to sing, ever since she was about 2. Who knows if she'll do it again, but we are grateful for this sweet, little Christmas miracle today! :0)


  1. That is so exiting! Congratulations! What a wonderful Christmas present she gave you. I'm glad to read about how well you are doing!

  2. That is so awesome! Yay for ladybug! I love that you introduced us to that song. My kids ended up singing it for our family Christmas party and it was so sweet. The other cool thing about it is that the song gets stuck in your head once you hear it so this entire week at different times of the day I will hear one of my children singing Happy Birthday Jesus. What a great thing to keep hearing so we don't forget the true meaning of Christmas!:)