Thursday, December 23, 2010


We had a lovely time this past week, visiting family in Utah! It was a beautiful drive and we are grateful that we were blessed to have an un-eventful trip both there and back! It was great to see everyone and for them all to get to meet Wiggle Bug in person! We attended Mr. Man's great grandma's memorial service and it was neat to get to listen to some stories about her life. I only met her one time, but I know she was a remarkable lady!
The children were very excited about the snow...particularly to see it snowing! We would wake up every morning in our hotel room and one of them would rip the curtains away from the window and inevitably shout "Santa's coming! It's snowing!" We kept having to explain to them that it wasn't quite time for him to visit yet! It was absolutely beautiful to be in that world of white for about a week! We are glad we made it home safely, and missed the great rain/snow storm headed for the south part of Utah and the north part of Arizona! Thank you to all of our family members, for a wonderful, early Christmas celebration! It was quite cold there...I think it averaged about 31 to 35 degrees for the better part of our trip (and on the way up, we even had some 21 degree weather...quite cold for us warm weather people.):0) So we have been frozen this week! Frozen in the literal sense, sometimes, although we got used to it pretty quickly, but more importantly, frozen in time! We don't know when we will be able to visit again! It's been about 2 1/2 years since our last visit. So when we do visit, we find that it freezes everyone in time, the next time we see each other, these frozen images will change and we will be able to build upon the memories made this past week. We look forward to seeing everyone again, but until that day...we will relish the happenings of this past week, and pray that the Lord will keep them frozen in time for us, til' we meet again! :0) Merry Christmas everyone! Happy New Year, too! :0)

P.S We made the entire trip WITHOUT a DVD player in our car! (Many people are shocked by this and some are even appalled! But we did!) Being without the constant buzz of the t.v. in our eyes and ears, has been an incredible blessing for us! I read THIS blog post this morning, and loved it!

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