Monday, November 29, 2010

Why I am the Mom that I am

I read THIS today! This story resonated with me! It's a story by a fellow home schooler, who attended high school where I did. I don't know her, but I love her examples and the inspiration she provides to me! I wanted to post a link to it here, because it speaks to why I am the way I am when it comes to parenting my children.
I know what LOTS of people think about me! They think I am paranoid and that I don't trust people and that my hands are full and I am crazy. (Then there are those who love me unconditionally, and who "GET IT"!) :0) I don't consider myself paranoid at all, but rather the kind of girl who would rather be safe than sorry. We are advocates for our kiddo's, plain and simple! We know what they need and don't need! Everyone else just thinks they know. I know some people have some strong opinions and feelings about me, because lots of them tell me...and of those who don't tell me, their facial expressions or comments or whispers under their breath say it all. It doesn't matter what they think...but sometimes I have to stop and remind myself of that! LOL :0)
I hold on to my children relentlessly. I hold on to them because they and Mr. Man are my EVERYTHING. I hold onto them because despite what anyone may think, I have labored for them to be mine, in the same way that a birth mother labors for her children. My labor has just taken a different form, and it has taken MUCH longer! I don't take my children for granted. I am sorry to say that there are lots of parents who do. I guess having 17 children come to stay, one or two at a time, and then suddenly disappear from your life , is part of the reason that I don't take them for granted. After as long as 2 1/2 years of court dates, visits and meetings with case managers and licensing workers,etc., it wasn't until that judge banged his gavel and declared our adoption complete, that we could breathe and rest. Children are such blessings! They are little, walking miracles and they are smarter than anyone ever realizes! I cringe every time I hear someone say "Oh, I can't wait until Spring Break is kids are driving me nuts!" That's terrible! Now...I get it! Everyone needs a break to re-group every now and then, but we should always remember how blessed we are to have our children in our lives! They should never be treated as burdens to us! How blessed I am, to be here with them each day! They teach me so much! They ask amazing questions and give amazing answers to my questions! They make me laugh and cry and think! They inspire me to be the best I can be! I am glad that the situation described in the above linked story, has never happened to us! But this sweet story was still a wonderful reminder of why I hold on to them so tightly! And it gives me strength to plant my feet, and face whatever anyone thinks they know, about our family and our situations! Some people may think they know what's what. They may think they know better than me and Mr. Man, about what is best for our children! They can think what they want! We aren't letting go of our children...not for anyone or anything!


  1. Ranee,

    You are such an amazing mom. I am really loving your blog! We need to get together again for a "playgroup" with our kids. Saige just loves you guys!

  2. Amen! Bring it on, sista'! :0)