Friday, November 5, 2010

Teaching Them to Take Care of Things

After an inspiring HIP Night recently, Mr. Man and I decided that we wanted to teach our children to take care of things a little better. So...we went to Goodwill and they each picked out their own glass plate, bowl and cup, to use for every meal! I am SO impressed with them and their ability to be careful with things. (We have only had one broken glass, and we are going on three weeks soon!) Even Miss Ladybug is drinking out of a glass. (We just stopped the whole sippy cup thing, cold turkey.) The children all feel pretty special and their willingness and desire to clean their own dishes after each meal, is pretty great too! Our children have never ceased to amaze us, when it comes to trying new things! They are awesome at toy purges, and just recently told me that they'd like to do another toy purge before Christmas this year! (Not my idea...theirs!) I really believe that less is more, and I have watched as their sweet little bodies have de-stressed and detoxed from ridding themselves of excess "stuff"! We go through their clothes every so often, cycling hand-me-downs, and making sure that each child has no more than about eight outfits a piece. It's wonderful to see their attitudes change, about what's an unnecessary luxury and what is truly needed. It's great to watch them get the most use that they can, out of their things, and to see them stop being as wasteful as they once were! (We have talked about how Laura and Mary shared a cup, for a long time, before they each got their own, and how they each only had a simple Corn Husk doll for a while. We've talked about how they likely only ever had one real doll in their whole lives, and I've watched as this knowledge has affected our kiddo's!) Simplicity is such a beautiful thing! It really does free up your mind and your body to focus on other, more important, truths! I LOVE that my kids LOVE thrift stores! They don't know that it's hand-me-down stuff that was used by others, before it became ours. I have been trying to teach them thrift, and they are just starting to understand what a wonderful thing it is, to give our excess "stuff' to a thrift store, where someone else can purchase and use it! These little life lessons, are joyous to teach them and they in turn, teach me each day, by their perfect examples and humility!

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