Monday, November 1, 2010

Of Pumpkin Cookies, Table Activities and Blessings

We had a lovely evening, last night! Having a porch light that doesn't work, and a husband who disconnected the doorbell just in case, made for a nice night. Our evening was not interrupted once, and we spent it making homemade pumpkin cookies with orange butter cream frosting, complete with sprinkles, and laughing together and doing some fun family activities. For example, the kids had gone crazy about a simple, little book we found at the thrift store, and each couldn't wait to try their hand at tracing numbers and number words. (So much, for waiting til they opened the Joy Cabinet this morning.) They can't wait to play with this book again, today. And I am particularly excited about their interest in learning to write properly. Especially, since it's completely their idea and not mine! Inspiration is magical! :0)

I had a nice talk with Heavenly Father yesterday, and told Him that I need His help to know what things are most important to focus on for each member of our family, and which things I can just let go of. It was a nice conversation, and I received some answers about quite a few things. Before my prayer, I had sat and pondered each person in our family, and wrote down the first things that came to my mind, about what they need. Life has been a bit overwhelming lately! I have lots of extra things on my plate and I am concerned that I do them all well, especially when it comes to the wife and mother department. I know that Heavenly Father is blessing me. After hearing from the Solomon's at our HIP Night the other night, I told Heavenly Father that I'd really like to know the best way to do our laundry around here. I have some more pondering and praying to do about that,still. I have felt prompted that Snug needs a project to work on. After my prayer, and a quick little meeting with Snug, we have a little plan that we are both excited about! I received spiritual promptings for each person in our family, as related to relationships and inspiring learning. Other promptings he sent to me, were to proceed with my home school group responsibilities in the same way that I've been doing, and not to worry about what everyone else thinks about it. I am grateful to know of His love and support for me! It is hard to gain the self confidence to lead, when you are used to doing what someone else has assigned or told you to do. It's not a fun leap of faith to take, nevertheless, I am taking it. I am determined to learn whatever He will teach me, through this process, no matter what it is. So...I have some new wind in my sails, about people and relationships, and other responsibilities that are in my stewardship. I am one blessed girl! And when I look for those blessings and ask Heavenly Father to weigh in on where I am headed and what I am doing, the blessings just keep pouring in. And THAT'S a great thing!


  1. Hi! I can see so much growth going on here. I love this post. There is always something that we need to work on. Such a great example of getting help from the Lord!