Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Happenings and other news

Today we made pies. What else are ya' gonna' do the day before Thanksgiving, right? 2 Pumpkin and 2 Apple Crumb Pies. Yum! We will take at least 2 of them to the festivities tomorrow. One of the best parts about making pies is Kid Pie! I just learned about this idea a couple of weeks ago! With the pie crust scraps, you form it into little balls rolled in sugar and cinnamon and baked in the oven! My kiddo's LOVE this and it keeps their cute, chubby fingers out of what I am doing! LOVE it!
I am looking for a Jazzercise class to take! I have GOT to exercise...not only for my waistline, but for my sanity as well! Jazzercise is really fun and you forget you are exercising...well you almost forget! Anyone know of a Jazzercise class anywhere? Anyone wanna' go with me? It's really fun, I mean it! I really need to lose about 20 lbs.
Speaking of weight, Miss Ladybug has lost a full pound. Not cool, when you are a G-tube patient and when you don't eat anything by mouth. We still can't figure out just why she lost weight. Sometimes this is easily explained by an excessive growth spurt in height, but she only gained about 1/2 an inch in height this time. Her G.I. Dr. said that her immune disorder could explain some of this, because if her body is burning more and more energy trying to keep herself well, but we are increasing her feeds by one can a day, to stay on top of this. This means, that now she gets 1000ml of formula a night, and another 750ml during the day through a bolus feed. It's really such a catch 22, because when she's so full of formula, she doesn't want to eat, and if she doesn't learn to eat on her own, then she'll never get off the G-tube, but the tube is also sustaining her life right now. It's always one thing or another around here. We are definitely always on our toes!
I am going to be learning more about sewing this weekend, from my Mom! The children have asked for "Cowboy Clothes" from Santa, so we'll see how well "Mrs. Claus" can do. Wish me luck! I found the cutest pattern for "Pioneer Aprons" for the girls, and am still looking for a pattern for bonnets. They want to look like Laura and Mary from Little House. They've all asked for stick horses too! I am excited because we found a wonderful website that makes homemade wooden toys and they had the greatest stick horses on there...enough that each child will get one that looks different from everyone else! Christmas here we come!

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