Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get Out and Vote Today!

I hope everyone has taken or will be taking the opportunity to vote and let your voice be heard for our country today! Our country is in grave danger, unless we all realize the significant blessings our Father in Heaven continues to bless us with, and also the impact our vote can have! We cannot complain about how things are going in our country, for our children and ourselves,if we do not vote our consciences this day! We know that one of the signs of the last days, is that the constitution will hang by a thread. I shudder to think of a more volatile situation for our constitution, than exists right now. Satan is tricky. He is skilled at making evil look good and good look evil. May we pray for the spirit of the Lord to guide us in these all important decisions for our country! Our country has been sleeping...oblivious to the crumbling that is taking place all around us. It's WAY past time, that we wake up, stand up, and fight to keep what our founding fathers fought and sacrificed for, alive and upheld! May God bless this great nation, brought forth through His mercy and grace! May we each do the hard work necessary, to learn about it's founding, and those who sacrificed so much, because they loved us! May we stop following the crowd, but instead, forge our own trails to preserve all that is good and uplifting and wholesome! May we have the courage to go against the "norm", if need be, to do those things that we have been divinely inspired to do for our families and our communities. May heaven's blessings be upon this election! Goodness knows, we need them! :0)

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