Thursday, November 4, 2010

"You're the Cutest Mom that I Love"

Leave it to my Luv Bug, to say something that sweet! She climbed up into my lap today, wrapped her arms around me and whispered "You're the cutest Mom, that I love!" How she made my day! After an entry like my post from yesterday, it was another sweet reminder of the reasons why I do all that I do. We finally ordered weighted vests for the girls, and received them the other day. They are helping a lot, with both of them! We will need to order a weighted blanket for Luv Bug, soon, though. Tonight, I got oils on all the kiddo's and sat with Luv Bug in her bed and put her weighted vest on her back, while she laid on her tummy. I just sat with her and waited for the oils the weight and the melatonin, to kick in. She is in Slumberland now. How we love her! She knows she can talk to us about her issues and how she is feeling, and we have seen great improvement in her behavior, when we invite her to talk about it! She knows that we know it's not her fault! She has started asking for her weighted vest when she starts to feel "silly", and she will even ask for a big hug or to rock in the rocking chair, when she starts to feel this way! Bless her sweet, little heart! She really does have lots going on! How grateful we are, that Heavenly Father sent her to our family! We love you Miss Luv! :0)

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