Monday, November 15, 2010


We had an appointment for Miss Ladybug today. It was kind of a big one. Today we met with the nurse practitioner for the developmental pediatrician. Today we received confirmation that she does fit the criteria for Autism. This isn't earth shattering information. Mr. Man and I, have known for quite some time, that she likely had Autism. (BTW...she will receive the diagnosis in a few months, when she actually sees the developmental pediatrician.)'s still a hard bite to swallow. In some ways, it's a relief to be one step closer to knowing this for sure. In other ways, it brings up more questions about what this will mean for her, in her life. But we are grateful to be living in a time, when so much help is available to her! The nurse practitioner said that she does recommend that Ladybug be evaluated by, AND attend, the local special needs program at the public school. I said "Well, I can almost guarantee you that we won't be doing, I can absolutely guarantee you we won't be doing that!" :0) Then, I told her about all of the ways that the public school system let my Snug-a-Bug down, and how much we LOVE homeschooling and feel that it is best for our family! She was supportive and kind about it! (She echoed our amazement at how they had let Snug down!) What a refreshing change of pace! When some medical professionals find out that you home school (especially, when some of your children have special needs), you'd be amazed at how they look at you like you're crazy and choosing terribly for your children. She didn't look at me that way, at all! It was great! So, we have some more paperwork to fill out, and we have some paperwork for her therapists to fill out, and we will plug along in this journey called Advocating for Our Children! It's funny to me, how many people told me I was overreacting or crazy to think my kiddo's had this or that. I have been correct about almost every single thing! Mother's intuition is a blessing and it is something I will never EVER question! How grateful I am, for my testimony that I am their mother for very specific reasons! How grateful I am, for a husband who supports and sustains me, as a wife and a mother! How grateful I am, for our children! All of them are great kiddo's, who have an eternal identity and purpose, and who are precious spirit children of our Heavenly Father! THAT is the criteria that matters the most! I am honored to be their mother! :0)

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  1. hey stranger!! I miss ya! I am SO GLAD she finally got the autism dx. That is so great to hear!!! Finally someone sees it and will give her the proper dx.

    So bad friend here...I totally lost your number again. I changed phones and they took all my numbers out of my phone and deleted them...grr. So call me at home sometime...I got LOTS of news...good and bad. 602-323-1561