Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walking In Their Shoes

You all know that I am in awe of my beautiful and wonderful children! They are my heroes! Each of them are so unique and special! They are each so talented and loving! They amaze me! It's hard to care for each of their needs, day in and day out! It's hard to fall into bed at night, exhausted, and then get up and do it all again! It's hard, because of the physical labor of it all. It's NOT hard though, because I LOVE serving them! They and Mr. Man, are my joy! They are the reason I am happy! They are everything to us!

When life gets frustrating as a mom...when I want to cry about this or that...I take a walk in their shoes. Today was one of those days for me. I didn't cry, but for this past week, there have been a few times at least, when I have wanted to. Today, I wanted to cry for my sweet Luv Bug. She struggles so much, with anxiety and impulse control. Mr. Man and I are concerned about this. But we have some great things that are helping her...when we don't run out of them. (Melatonin at night, and Essential Oils, are SO helpful!) Luv Bug is super smart! She loves to talk about the gospel and ask deep and thought provoking questions! She is amazing to us! When she feels anxious or impulsive, she has a very different side to her. She becomes unreachable and disconnected from us. This breaks our hearts... for us and for her. We have to remind ourselves that she is still in there. She is still our sweet, beautiful and precious girl who SO desires to do right and good in this world! We sit and rock her, do deep pressure and joint compression with her, sing songs in her ear and tell her how much we love her...until she calms down and comes back to herself and to us. She has told us that sometimes her body feels "crazy", and that she gets too many thoughts running at the same time. We know that she is sensitive to too much noise and activity, and we try to quiet the world down for a little bit, and help her to feel calm again! Through the tender mercies of the Lord, I am learning to take a walk in my children's shoes, and cast off the opinions and thoughts of others, about what THEY think is going on. How grateful I am, for the spiritual promptings I feel, to put myself in their shoes and try to experience what life must be like for each of my children! How blessed we are, by the love we have for our children, and they for us! When life's issues encroach...Mr. Man and I remember who and WHOSE, our children are! When I try to walk in their shoes, my empty cup fills again, with compassion, awe and grace! I could not...COULD as gracefully, with challenges and frailties such as they have. And I am ever grateful that my Heavenly Father is helping me to see my role as their mother, as sacred and holy! For it is! So...when my mothering experiences get difficult and when I want to cry...I take a walk in the shoes of a 7 year old boy who is the most amazing and talented artist and undaunted "Imagineer" that I will ever know! I try on the shoes of a soon to be 6 year old daughter who is an amazing and loving thinker,leader and entertainer! I walk in the shoes of my soon to be 5 year old son, who is filled with such tenderness and compassion and love for all of us, that it utterly amazes me! I try on the shoes of my 4 1/2 year old son, who is the epitome of life, love and music! And I walk the creative path of our soon to be 4 1/2 year old daughter, who continually teaches us new ways to look at our environment! I am finding joy in taking the road less traveled by! When I walk THEIR road, I find beauty I never would have found! And THAT, makes all the difference! :0)

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  1. what a great perspective! Luv Bug sounds like she has some things in common with my Zaney. It's when he ish aving an extra hard time I realize I have not been thinking about his world as much as usual and sure enough, routine has been broken and the chaos to him distracts him greatly. :(

    We should SO talk or get together for a play date or girls night out!