Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

I am TOTALLY a LOVE of LEARNER right now! I have given myself permission to browse lots of different books and topics and ideas in my own learning. With all that's going on in our world, it's hard for me to keep any focus on my own learning. I am very focused on making sure the children have a wonderful core phase! I am focused on reading to them and inspiring them as much as I can. And I marvel all the time, at the grace and remarkable love that my Father in Heaven has for me, because He sends blessings and inspiration to me, even though I don't always do my part to search for them like I should. Do you ever make a ton of plans to do this and that, and then become really hard on yourself when you don't do what you planned? This happens to me a lot! Just one of the inadequacies I feel as a mother, sometimes. Okay...I feel it a lot! I have all of these GREAT ideas! Where do they all go? I'll give myself some credit, and say that what we do is pretty great! Mr. Man and I are very mindful and intentional about the things we need to do as a family. Sometimes I think Heavenly Father helps me to "clear my plate" by helping me to forget about ideas that sound nice but aren't really necessary, or are too complicated. I picture angels surrounding me and pulling things out of my brain, to make room in there for the stuff that is really important. LOL :0) It's hard to read about or see or hear about all the great things others are doing, and not have some sort of longing in my heart, to be that cool! It's very easy to see what others are inspiring in their own homes, and feel a deep desire to inspire some of those same things. Our life is our own though...I keep reminding myself of that! I cannot hold myself to the standards of any other mother out there (however AWESOME and AWE INSPIRING they may be.) :0) I am slowly learning (or trying to learn) to be happy and content with our slow progress around here. I can honestly say that I am so honored to have children who have true love and appreciation for the scriptures and the latter-day prophets, etc. I know that I am to prepare them for a valiant and noble calling and mission in this world. And I think right now, that we need to do more to strengthen family relationships. We are really getting along quite well, but I think we need to focus on our individual and personal relationships with each other, more fully. Well, I suppose that's enough rambling for one night! I find that after a good night's rest, I wake up with a clear head and new found inspiration and motivation! :0)

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