Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spontaneous Delight

Our lives are not full of enough Spontaneous Delight! This is the epiphany that I have had lately. We have a lot going on...A LOT! But Mr. Man and I have decided that among the A LOT that it going on, we have to have more Spontaneous Delight! It just HAS to happen! Life is short and life is crazy. If we don't tell it who's boss, it will be in control of us. So...we have been taking weekends to go up north and enjoy God's beauty. We have been making homemade brownies and taking our time to lick the batter from the spoon and bowl... and taking some cute brownie batter beard pictures, I might add. We have been bursting into song at random moments, about random things! (Anyone who knows me, knows that I do this sometimes!) This morning...while we should be doing the chores because we have a therapist coming early...we are having a dance party! Shhh...the children don't know this yet! If the kitchen is still in dissaray when she gets here, we have a great excuse: "We were busy making memories!" We were also busy dancing like chickens! (That is a phrase I use often with my children.) It has been too long since we last shook our tail feathers. So...I gotta' go! So many dance moves and so little time!

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