Friday, October 15, 2010

Punkin' Paaaaaaatch!!!!

Well, as Miss Ladybug would put we found a "Punkin' Paaaaaaaatch!" The children were SO excited! Each child got to pick out their own pumpkin and have it measured so we knew what to pay! We are planning to paint them, this year, and display them at our Hooplah! It's gonna' be great!

We also walked around Hobby Lobby tonight, trying to get an idea of the kinds of things the children would like to give and receive for Christmas this year! Can I just say that Disney stuff drives me bonkers?!!!! We haven't watched anything by video or t.v., in months. We don't read books that involve any Disney characters...we don't have any Disney music we listen to either. So why does the Disney always reel them in? It drives Mr. Man and I BONKERS! (See...I said it again!) Commercialism is pretty ridiculous! For goodness sakes, it's everywhere you turn! UGH! There were so many fun activities and great things to make, at Hobby Lobby! We would walk down aisles and aisles that were full of great and useful activities that the kids were super excited about, and then...Dun-Dun-Dun...the obnoxious Disney stuff would pop out from around the corner and it stirred up all the "Mommy-Can-I's???" "Mommy look!" "Ohhh loooook!" "I want that and that and THAT!" Now, I think we've done a pretty good job of purging these kinds of things from our lives! Honestly, we've done a GREAT job! It shows you what kind of a hold these things can have on kiddo's, when they don't even exist in our lives anymore, and yet they can reel them right back in. But one of the things, I LOVE about this, is the great discussions that we can have, about how just because something is "Disney", doesn't mean we HAVE to have it! People think we're crazy because we don't have plans to take our kids to Disneyland. Trust us...there are more important things! For goodness sakes, there's not a single thing there that is real! Sure...they base most of their stories off of fairy tales. Then they take them and twist them and add in obscenities, inuendo's and snide remarks and then call them appropriate for kids. And they just keep getting worse! We have plans, instead, to take our family to Nauvoo! Our kiddo's LOVE the story of the restoration of the gospel! Mr. Man got to go to Illinois on his mission, so we have a pretty great tour guide! We are starting a new family tradition, of going to museums for birthdays, and receiving one toy, etc. from Mr. Man and I. We are trying to make some REAL memories that are meaningful and fun and that bring us closer together as a family! I care if other people want to take their kiddo's to Disneyland and allow them to watch Disney movies all the time and buy them Disney stuff? Nope. Do I think you are doing wrong by your children??? Nope. That's why our children are ours and your children are yours! I believe that as parents, we should have the freedom to do what we feel is best for our families! I am just presenting the opinions of Mr. Man and myself, about what is best for our family! (I am pretty sure no one is reading this anyway...LOL) But just in case you are...go easy on me! To each their own, and one of our favorite quotes is "I've seen the village and I want to raise my own children!"

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