Friday, October 15, 2010


As I type this post, Cuddle Bug is saying to Luv Bug... "Hi! Welcome to Great Clips!" He's using a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurine (he doesn't even know that's what it is), to "cut" Luv's hair. It's precious!
We have still been doing our morning routine, which consists of the children accomplishing their "Morning Basics", of making their beds, saying their prayers, brushing their teeth and getting dressed. After the morning basics are done and breakfast is over, they do their chores. THEN...they play! We bagged our more structured approach of sitting with our compass notebooks, to recite our Mission Statement, having a devotional and scripture, singing a hymn and a primary song, reciting articles of faith, etc. I am definitely NOT saying that these things are not important. But, I felt so strongly, that we needed to focus on more meaningful play time, lately! We still read scriptures every evening and have a couple of books that we read-aloud, from...we are still centered on the gospel. (We have recently started putting together, one Book of Mormon lapbook per week! This is a wonderful gospel learning tool for our family!) I just felt like my kids were missing some of their core phase, because we were so focused on a schedule and a certain order of how things were done. We have been having a blast with our Joy Cabinet (or Learning Closet). I re-organized it, and added some great things, and got rid of things that were just taking up space, and now we have a great new closet, that everyone LOVES! I took everything that was for Ladybug and Wiggle Bug, out of it, and put it all in some plastic Rubbermaid drawers next to the Joy Cabinet. It's working great!
Today, we're going to find a pumpkin patch (SOMEWHERE...I hope), and pick out some pumpkins to paint for our upcoming Hooplah! This year marks, the first annual Hooplah for our family, where we celebrate our FAMILY! Think of it as a big party that celebrates Halloween (since we don't celebrate it in the "traditional sense"), our children's adoptions into our family, and the JOY of being a family, ALL IN ONE! We have some fun ideas for next weekend! I'll let you know how it goes! For now...we've got a pumpkin patch to find! :0)

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