Monday, October 18, 2010


I am up WAY too late, making plans for JOY this week! I had the epiphany tonight, of using The Storied Scriptures to correlate with our weekly JOY and Book of Mormon lapbook! This is the only sort of "structured learning" we have goin' on. I also re-vamped my form that I fill out each day, to keep an idea of what each of the children were passionate about for the day. It's broken down into categories of the things that I need to keep inspiring for them each day...Our Joy Principle for the week, What's Mine, Storied Scripture for the day, Lapbook work for the day, Life Skills, Job Training, Free Time, and Joy Cabinet (what they chose to do today from there). Just some things that I want to keep a record of, to help me know how best to continue inspiring each of the children. I will just jot down a note or two about each of these categories in reference to the children. I think it's going to work better than what I had! I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Ranee,
    It's so great getting to know you through your writing! You are amazing... I can feel the fire you have for loving and learning! :-)
    I also LOVE Teaching Children Joy and Linda Eyre. Her book literally saved me when my daughter was newborn and busy twin 2 year old boys!
    Glad to get to know your sweet family!