Friday, October 8, 2010

Joy School

Well, now that our recent drama is over, I am off on a studying tangent, about teaching children joy. This is of course, being inspired by a book Mr. Man and I just started reading called Teaching Children Joy by Linda and Richard Eyre. So far, we are loving what we are learning! This past week, we have been doing our 6 month purge and I just started to feel like it was time to change things up in our learning routine. The children have really benefited from our routine, but in some ways, I have felt lately, like they are getting bored with it. So Mr. Man and I have talked about it and prayed about it and have been sharing insights with each other, from this book! I love it when I read something that just makes sense! I find myself nodding along with almost every word they say in this book! I particularly LOVE this quote by Spencer W. Kimball, about why we should teach our children joy..."Because home is the place to save society." How true that is! That is my new favorite quote! Home makes all the difference in the world! I am grateful for that new gem of information to ponder on! How grateful I am, that Heavenly Father has lead us down this path for our family! He truly knows everything! He knew that our Snug-a-Bug would struggle with dyslexia and cerebral palsy and with his speech, because of the CP. He knew that Luv Bug would struggle with anxiety and impulse control issues. He knew the Cuddle Bug would have a tender heart and need the nurturing of his mother at home. He knew that Ladybug and Cuddle Bug would need a flexible and child-focused environment and also some very special protection from a scary world! I am just so grateful that through the Holy Ghost, we were able to hear His will for our family, and follow it! Anyway, about joy...I LOVE how this all fits so well with the things I am learning from the Headgates article! We want to rid our lives of twaddle and distractions, so we can focus on true joy! This book is written so simply and focuses on 5 joys to teach our children:
1. Spiritual Joys
2. Physical Joys
3. Mental Joys
4. Emotional Joys
5. Social Joys
(Is it just me, or does anyone else find "joy" in the fact that they focus on social joys, last?) :0) All things have their proper place and order in life. This world puts WAY too much focus on social things. I LOVE that they put this in it's proper place! Anyway...I am excited to learn more about all of the joys we can teach our children! Through Leadership Education, we can teach them what joy is, and how to think and lead joyfully! What a concept! I'll let you know as I learn more! I can't wait to start applying these principles in our family!
One of the things we are going to start doing, in an effort to teach more from the scriptures, is notebooking about scripture stories/heroes. Our first one will be about Nephi ( since the kiddo's LOVE him so), and we will keep a collection of each family notebook that we make about each scripture story. What a fun library we will have, full of our special books created by our children! I am excited as I know they are! I will let you all know how this goes, as well! :0)

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