Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Joy Cabinet

The children and I organized what has previously been known as our "Learning Cabinet", into what is now known as our "Joy Cabinet", today. I pulled all of the items out, that I had in there for the babies (I know they are 4 years old, but since Lady and Wiggle are developmentally delayed, they are still known as "the babies", around here), and I gave them their own set of Rubbermaid drawers, full of fun things that are geared toward them. The remaining room, left in the actual closet, was filled with new and inspiring items that had been hanging out in our "school room", which we never use. Tonight after dinner, the kids and I went through the closet and the drawers, so everyone could really see what was there. Their eyes grew wide and they smiled and laughed. The excitement was overflowing. There were joyous cries of "Oh, can I play with that?" or "Oh that looks cool!" I told them it was only for school time (which is 1 hour a day). Later I heard them talking about that again! I could hear the suspense and excitement in their sweet, little voices! They can't WAIT to get in there and play! I can't wait to get in there with them, and play! Tomorrow should be awesome!

In studying about Teaching Children Joy by Linda and Richard Eyre, Mr. Man and I have taken another look at how we have been doing things in reference to inspiring the children. We felt it was time for a change, and so far, things are going much better! We made our first Book of Mormon lapbook, yesterday, and the kids are excited to make one each week, as part of our study of the Book of Mormon. We have started talking about "Perfect Obedience" and "Family Laws" and the children are really learning a ton! We talked this evening, about the importance of getting our morning basics (Make Bed, Say Prayers, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed)done quickly, so we can have time for breakfast, chores, Joy School and Free Time/Outdoor Play, in that order. They know that if they dilly dally and don't get their chores done in time for Joy School, then they will finish them during Free Time. (This means that some of my Free Time is lost in helping them, but that's okay. I am trying to teach them the importance of work, and that they can do hard things.) I am ever amazed at the abilities that my children have, to understand principles that we are learning together! Wiggle understands that if he is sent to the corner for a time out, he must calm down before he can come back. He always gains control and says "Mom, I am calm now!" I LOVE that he understands how to re-gain control of his emotions! So great! Miss Ladybug is starting to understand things slowly, as well! She learns new things every day!
We are excited to attend the HIP Market, for our homeschooling community, soon! I think we've decided that our children are too young to sell anything there, so we will likely walk around and buy up everyone else's wares! It should be a really fun time! We can't wait!

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