Friday, October 1, 2010

Friends, Fun, Faith and Other Great Things

Today we had a fun day with some friends who have lived out of state for a few years, and have moved back! We have kept in touch through phone and email, while they were away, and we had visited them a few times, but it's SO great to have them here! They have a beautiful, trans-racial family, like we do, and we share a lot of things in common! It was so great to see my friend and two of her daughters today! We went to lunch and then went to a thrift store (have I mentioned how much I love thrift store shopping?), and got to visit and enjoy each others company! The kids had a great time and did such a great job listening! I was so proud of them! Thanks friend (you know who you are),for being part of our fun day today! Speaking of fun days... check this out for a couple of really great days, this weekend. We can't wait!

We have discovered the world of essential oils, this week, and while we are still learning about it, we are excited about the results that we are experiencing as a family! I have more exciting news to come, about this, so I'll keep you posted! Part of the reason the children did so well today, was due to essential oils! And...Ladybug is still asleep! So we are off to a great start! :0)

Just when life seemed to slow down a little bit, I find myself to be one busy mama, again! But I am passionate about all of the people and things that occupy my time, so it's a good kind of busy! I wish I had a little more time to devote to my own studies, but at the same time, I feel like Heavenly Father really understands mom's who have their plates full, and He is helping me to really benefit from the time that I am able to study! I want to be a good example to my family, of the joy and work involved in learning! I really am so excited about our homeschooling experiences together! The children are so imaginative and creative and they are learning so much! I am learning the value of Headgates, and the ability to channel your family in positive directions! It is a beautiful thing!

We are gearing up for some great outdoor play weather, some fun family field trips, and some visits to see family that we haven't seen in a while! Plus, we have some new twists up our sleeves for Christmas celebration in our family this year, and have some fun family birthday events happening, as well! Life is definitely what you make it, and we have enjoyed remembering that we are the keepers of our dreams and aspirations, and not the rest of the world! We have been having some great learning moments and some great discussions as a family, about books and scriptures we are reading, as well as other things we are researching and learning about together! It's wonderful!

I am looking forward to hearing the words of the prophet and apostles tomorrow and Sunday! I always have those "A-ha!" moments, where I feel that Heavenly Father is speaking to only me! I think that happens to everyone! Isn't that awesome?! Inspiration is awesome! :0)

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