Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Delightful Wednesdays

Since Wednesdays are "Crazy Therapy Days" at our house, and the therapists are here each day by 11:00 a.m., we don't have time to do much of anything we would normally do on every other day. So...Wednesdays are now officially going to be known as "Delightful Wednesdays!" The little time we do have in the mornings, will start out with doing those basic things we do in the morning, to be ready for the day...beds made, teeth brushed, prayers said, clothes on, prayer meeting, breakfast. THEN...we're going to do something fun. No chores! Not today. We are going on a nature walk or we are going to listen to great, classical music performances or draw in our Nature Journals, etc. The way I figure it, we have only about an hour of our morning to ourselves. The therapists stay til' around 3 p.m. Then there is about an hour or so, of free time before dinner prep. Then it's our evening routine...prayer and scriptures, teeth brushed, jammies on, meds given, oils and lights out. Wednesdays are definitely "crazy". Honestly, I wish it could be like every other day, with no interruptions for what we want to do, but alas, this is life for us. And I'll gladly take having 3 therapists here in a week, as opposed to the 5 or 6 therapists a week, that we used to have! So we will use our Wednesdays to celebrate with some Spontaneous Delight. Some of you might say that that doesn't sound very spontaneous. But, we will let the spirit guide and inspire our spontaneity for the day, and see what we come up with. It should be a great part of our week! :0)

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