Sunday, October 17, 2010

Could You Pray For Us?

Good morning, everyone!

I am up a little early this morning, because our Ladybug has been struggling with sleep, yet again. Her limbs are hurting at night and during the day, and she just can't get any relief from it. Could you pray for her? We have started the process of taking her to a new sleep center and we will see what some new doctors can do, to help her with this severe and chronic sleep disturbance.

Could you pray for Snug, Luv, Cuddle and Wiggle too? Here's why:

Snug still struggles with his Dyslexia (and probably will for a while). We just got a wonderful book from Amazon, and are looking forward to reading through it together and trying some therapeutic techniques to help him visualize and perceive things better.

Luv's impulsivity and anxiety has improved since we switched here off her previous melatonin for bedtime, and now we use essential oils, so that IS helping. But she still has a bad day about once or twice a week. Yesterday was one of these. Please pray for her and for us, that we can effectively teach her about cause and effect, and about ways to express herself and ways to deal with her anxiety.

Cuddle still struggles with eczema. Please pray that this winter season will go easy on his skin, and that we can keep it under control. He only has it on his hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet, which is a great improvement, but it always gets worse in the winter.

Wiggle struggles daily, with chronic hip and leg pain due to his cerebral palsy. We have an upcoming appointment to see a new doctor at the beginning of next month. Please pray that they whatever they decide to do (previous doctor said botox or surgery) that they will be able to give him some relief from the pain he feels all the time.

As far as Mr. Man and I are concerned, would you just pray that our minds will continue to be enlightened, as we seek the Lord's help, in finding ways and being inspired as to how to help our kiddo's the best!

Thanks! We appreciate it!

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