Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celebrating the "Holy" part of the holidays

Mr. Man and I have made lots of decisions for our family, that veer from the "norm". We have relished the joy and personal revelation of making personal and inspired decisions for our sweet family! We will forever be grateful for God's holy priesthood power, which allows us divine understanding of Heavenly Father's will for our family, through Mr. Man! One of these very personal decisions, is that we have chosen not to celebrate Halloween. And I came across a beautifully written article, tonight, that echoes many of our thoughts concerning this and other holidays. As you read, please do so with the understanding of one very important truth: This is a decision that Mr. Man and I have made, which has nothing to do with any other friends or family members, who may or may not choose to celebrate holidays in a different way. We are all entitled to inspiration for our families, and will receive it, as we worthily seek to know Heavenly Father's will for us. We do not judge or condemn, in any way, cherished family members and friends who choose differently than we have chosen! Rather, we respect each family's divine privilege to choose for their own family, what is right for them! I hope the you enjoy this wonderful article and the spirit in which it was written. How grateful I am, for very personal witnesses from the Spirit, that are available to each of us, as we raise our families!

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