Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teaching Our Children from the Scriptures

I found this article this morning, and wanted to share it! I love that the current Ensign magazine always has ideas to further inspire things that have already been in my heart! Each time I think about what I should be inspiring for my children, I am always drawn to thoughts of teaching them the gospel! I know it is the MOST important thing they need to know, to help them be responsible, well-grounded adults in the future! I am trying to teach them character and hard work! I often talk to my oldest 2 children, about strengthening their discipline muscle, so that when life gets hard, they will know that they can rise to meet their challenges! This article lists simple ways to make gospel devotionals a part of your day! I was excited to see that we are already doing some of the things she suggests, and I am excited to try some of the other ideas she mentions! I am always so impressed with the children on the earth today! I have only met a fraction of them, but I know that they represent a vast army of righteous, young people who have such noble and valiant spirits! It seems like there are more children all the time, who are dealing with a special need of some sort too! I firmly believe that these physical challenges are meant to weaken the body a bit, so that their strong spirits can continue to shine through and teach all of us, because they don't fall prey to the temptations of satan as easily as the rest of us! I know that I have been blessed with a strong body, and I think that because of that strong body, it's much easier to fall prey to temptation. I am grateful to have these little examples of Christ-like love and wonder, around me each day! I know that if I do my part to teach them these eternal truths, they will give me blessings, a hundred-fold! All I have to do, is be willing to learn what they are trying to teach me!

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