Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference!

Mr. Man and I were talking about this last night. It has always been a favorite of mine...ever since my great grandmother gave me a plaque with these words on it. I LOVE it! Serenity, Courage and Wisdom! These are my hearts desire! Well...these and patience! Worthy goals for this year...don't you think?! I am particularly interested in serenity right now! Being in nature will do that to you! I wanted to bring some of that beautiful serenity home with me, and then I realized that I can! I just need to create the environment for it! :0)

We had a lovely time at the HIP Retreat! I enjoyed the discussion that surrounded the lesson I taught for the adults there! We made wonderful connections with friends, met new people, put faces with names that I had seen on the HIP site, and enjoyed the outdoors! It was beautiful! The kids ran and played and did really well! I was so proud of them and their good behavior! My dad took family pictures of us in the woods and I can't wait to see them! I think they will turn out pretty cute! All of our boys wore green shirts with blue stripes, the girls wore solid blue shirts, I wore a solid green shirt and Mr. Man wore a solid blue shirt! And we all wore blue jeans! We found a rock "love seat" that was perfect to sit on, and took lots of pictures! I was especially happy that we got some really great ones of Miss Ladybug! It is very hard for her to sit for pictures, but she did really well!

The Keppner's came to speak to us on Friday night! They have been following the TJEd principles for a while now, and are quite knowledgeable about it! They have 11 children and have such amazing insights about so many things! I was so glad I got to meet them and hear them speak!

Well, tomorrow is the start of mountains of laundry to fold and another amazing week! I feel like my batteries have been re-charged and we are ready to inspire and be inspired! It should be a great week! Hope yours is too!

Monday September 13, 2010: Just purged all of our movies and put them all away! Currently, the t.v. is covered in large towels (my ingenuity at work until Mr. Man comes home to move it out of our site.) I also flipped the switch behind the t.v., "breaking" the t.v. so it won't work anymore. I love a broken t.v.! (It's actually not broken, but it's not working either, so there's the beauty!) Anyway, we have 2 medium sized boxes of movies. One of them is almost full (this would be the movies we will trade in for credit at Bookman's), and the other box is about half full of movies that are considered classics in our home (these include video's put out by the church, and other movies that are classics for our family.) We are off to purchase bigger sketch books for the children. (Books the size of index cards just aren't cutting it.) I have felt prompted to inspire drawing in our family! I know that some of the children could really benefit from activities like this, since we have a couple who doubt their ability to draw. So...on the menu for right now and the near future: Nature, Drawing and Scripture Study! Ahhh...I LOVE the simplicity of Leadership Education! :0)

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