Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day (all play and a little work) :0)

We had a really fun day as a family! We made a plan yesterday, that we would rise early, eat breakfast, get ready and be off to run errands for our upcoming HIP Retreat! (Home School Retreat.) We were all up at about 6:30 a.m. and the day started out great! was great the whole day! We went to Wal-Mart, Sally's, stopped for lunch at Red Robin (our favorite place, what a treat!), Target, and then went to Hobby Lobby and came home for a yummy, homemade dinner. It was one of the BEST days EVER! The children were all obedient and happy and helpful! They made us so proud, as parents! We really do have GREAT kiddo's! A couple of funny things happened today! Mr. Snug a Bug, ordered pizza and french fries (what a combo, huh?) and ate it all, then had a bite of my California Chicken Sandwich...and THEN kept asking for bites and basically ended up eating half of it! I couldn't finish it, but he did! Mr. Man and I were shocked! It was great! Then at Target, Ladybug was so tuckered out, she fell asleep in the cart, resting her head on the balloon she got from Red Robin. I got the cutest picture of her! So funny! She parties all night, so I guess her body has developed the ability to crash anywhere and on anything. (I just wish she would use this skill more often!) Also, we were super proud of Miss Luv Bug today, when she got into the car in the Red Robin parking lot, and her balloon popped, and she remained calm and collected and didn't tantrum! She earned beans for that today, for our Bean Counter Game! In fact, everyone earned beans for having a fantabulous day today! Cuddle Bug and Wiggle Bug were the best of friends today (which happens most of the time), and they just kept asking when we are going camping. "We're going camping tomorrow, Mom?" So adorable! I especially love that they still ask questions in the form of a statement! All of us are super excited!
We had a GREAT family home evening about Obedience today (already planned to be about that, this past week), and the kids were listening really well tonight! We reviewed the 4 Basic Skills that Nicholeen Peck teaches in her Teaching Self-Government seminars. They are: 1. Following Instructions 2. Accepting a No Answer/Criticism 3. Accepting a Consequence 4. Disagreeing Appropriately. We had a really great lesson, and started out by talking about the City of Enoch and we sang the verse of Follow the Prophet, about Enoch. This week, Mr. Man and I are going to work on being more consistent with prepping and pre-teaching for our children, and then we spoke to each child about specific things that they can work on to help them attain self government! We are excited to see them continue to learn how to govern themselves!
Well, I should be off to bed, but I think I better get downstairs and start making weighted vests for my girls! We want them to have them before we go on our camping trip and so I better get crackin'! Today, Mr. Man and I came up with an easy idea for making neck pillows for the kids while they are in the car when we travel. We bought some inexpensive hand towels, and some Men's socks. We put two hand towels together and rolled them up sideways. Then, slide the roll into a men's sock, and you have a neck pillow for a kiddo'! We'll see if the kiddo's leave them alone or keep pulling them apart. If they pull them apart, I may need to stitch up the end of socks, or put velcro there, or something. Here's hoping they work okay! :)

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