Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I love my family!

I feel impressed tonight, to write some of my deep and innermost feelings about being a wife and a mother. I am so blessed to be married to Mr. Man! He truly is my help meet. We are eternal companions. I am so excited about that! :0) I love him beyond adequate explanation! He is a source of strength and comfort to me. He knows me so completely and loves me for who I am. I love his desire to do what is right, and his integrity, and love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love the way he chews his tongue when he's concentrating on something. I love watching him work in the yard or read to our children. His testimony is strong and it shows in the way that he lives his life and in the way that he loves us so much and so often! I love his smell. I love being close to him, and the way that a hug from him makes everything okay. We speak often, about how we were meant for each other. We don't argue. We discuss things with each other with mutual love and respect. He is so patient with me and our children. He is a wonderful father, and has graciously taken the lead in our home and family. His faith sustains me and our children. He is the perfect father for our children! He takes care of us with such concern and devotion, and he never EVER complains about a thing! He can fix just about anything and he makes us all feel so safe and secure! We know that he will take care of us no matter what...because he always has and he always does. Mr. Man is courageous and strong. He's brave and smart. He loves the gospel. He loves this country. He is interested in things that are significant and that have meaning. He has vision and insight. He has great wisdom and passion. He is ever trying to be better than he already is! I love him with all my heart. He is my biggest blessing!

I have 5 other, precious blessings in my life. They are our beautiful children, and I can't imagine any children more beautiful than they are. They are my world! I cannot imagine a day in my life without my beautiful family. They are such a special gift to me, and a constant reminder of the love of my Father in Heaven. He gave them to us. What faith He must have in us! He has trusted us with some of his most valiant spirits. What a noble and honored responsibility we have. What an honor it is, that I get to learn from each of them everyday! I get to spend every day with them! We get to experience learning and growth, together, and it makes me smile! They are so smart and faithful! They make me want to be better!

Snug-a-Bug is our oldest son! He is a really wonderful boy! He loves the Lord and has a strong desire to choose the right, and his testimony is firm. He is a good brother to his siblings and such a great help to them! He loves to help and feel needed. We truly do need him here in our family! He is a strong leader and is a great example to each of us! He is so smart and knows many things! He can figure things out and thinks analytically. He has wonderful skills in artistry. I am so blessed to get to be his mother. I am blessed by his love and desire to serve and help others. I am so happy he is our son, and the example that our other children look to. They will do well to follow in his footsteps.

Luv Bug is our oldest daughter. I have said it many times, but I will say it again...she is our sunshine. She has a good heart and has a great memory. She learns so many great things and stores them away, and always remembers them when they are most applicable for herself or for us. She has strong faith and says the most precious prayers! Luv Bug is beautiful inside and out! She has a desire to choose the right, and has timeless wisdom and understanding. She is a "little mother", and has a great desire to adopt children and do foster care when she gets older. She likes to be a helper and wants to serve the Lord. She tells imaginative stories and shares her testimony daily. She is inquisitive and has a thirst for knowledge. She will be a wonderful wife and mother someday!

Cuddle Bug is our second oldest son. He has the heart of a missionary. His heroes are Nephi and Abinadi, Alma the Younger, Ammon, and David, among others. He loves trains and books. He has a tender heart and asks many questions about the nature of God and Jesus Christ. He loves fresh vegetables and fruits and understands why garden's are so important. He has a love for the prophets of the latter days, and enjoys singing about them. He loves the scriptures, and knows they are real and true. We know that he will serve an important mission in this life. Cuddle Bug is learning so many new things, daily! He is creative and imaginative, and loves music and acting out his favorite scripture stories. He loves the Lord.

Wiggle Bug is our next oldest son. He is our "Music Man", and has a special talent and love for music. He loves the heroes of the scriptures also, and can memorize anything he hears, and repeat it again and again. He will likely be a wonderful scriptorian, someday. He has a valiant spirit and an attitude to match. He will lead many to Christ, by his testimony and strength of spirit and character. He is simple, honest and straight forward! He likes to be like his older brothers, which is wonderful! He is also a wonderful example to them!

Lady Bug is our youngest daughter. She is quickly showing her love for our Heavenly Father, by her sweet prayers and example. Her life's mission is great. She is our teacher. She approaches life in a vastly different way, and is teaching us to think outside the box, even though, a box is one of her favorite places to be sometimes. She makes us laugh, think and feel, in ways that we never would, without her. She is the epitome of child innocence and grace. She is strong in all the ways that matter most. She is heroic. She is ever and always genuine and meek. She is a tender mercy for our family, on a daily basis. She is our daily reminder of our ultimate goal...that of eternity together.

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