Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How To Inspire

We had a great time at our home school retreat! The Keppner's came to speak to us one evening and they spoke about How to Inspire. I spent some time typing up the notes Rachel sent to us, from their talk that evening. I am going to frame it and set it on my piano. I will share their great suggestions here, in hopes that they are a help to other families who are using the Leadership Education Model in their homes.

How To Inspire
by Rachel Keppner

I~ Ignore : Ignore doubts and fears. Ignore criticism. Ignore perfectionism and how things "should" be. Trust God and His plans!
N~ Notice: Notice WHO your children are and what their missions might be. Notice WHAT your children need to fulfill their personal missions.
S~ Support: Support your children's talents and interests, even if they are not your own. Then LET THEM FAIL. Failure is the most powerful teacher of all. Be there to dry the tears and encourage them to try again.
P~ Passion: We inspire our families when we're passionate about our personal convictions and what we're learning. We can be passionate about having fun--our children need happy memories to look back on.
I~ Integrity: Do we follow through? Can our children and spouses count on us? What kind of example are we setting?
R~ Read Aloud: Take the time to share these moments studying the classics, old and modern. Time = Love
E~ Excellence: This is NOT about holding our children to standards of "excellence". It is about only allowing the very best resources, books, and media into our homes and family cultures.

I am so grateful for our home education community and the wonderful relationships we have with like-minded families! These truths are SO important and helpful as we spend each day in endeavors to become leaders ourselves, and inspire our children to do the same!

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