Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Headgates, Stewardship, Ephiphanies and Honor

I LOVED this article from The Misfit Cygnet. I especially love that she understands the criticism one can come under, when they choose different for their family, than the world thinks is right or popular. Not that I want to focus on the rain that falls on my parade sometimes, but you know. :0) I had heard the quote once, in seminary: "When you want learning and knowledge like you want air, you won't have to ask anyone to give it to you." I didn't know that it came from Socrates, but I have always loved it. I want to teach my children to thirst after knowledge like they thirst after righteousness and to thirst after righteousness like they do, air! I want them to know HOW to think and I want them to be prepared to lead in their great capacities in life. They have important missions to accomplish! I love The Headgate article by Brian and Kerri Tibbetts . Mr. Man and I have found a lot of wisdom in this approach, not just for our homeschooling experiences, but for life in general. Self discipline and mastery are SO important. And as parents, we have a great and powerful stewardship over our children...to guide their way! The beauty of a principle based, leadership education is that we are learning to govern ourselves and our families in ways that are specifically right for us, personally. No two families will make the same choices or close or open the same headgates that we do. No two home school families will choose to learn what we are learning. Each family will receive the divine intervention of a loving Heavenly Father, in a very personal way. Pete and I feel so very blessed to have our beautiful children, and to have been divinely inspired to teach them in this way! I am learning SO MUCH, every single day! The best part is that we are learning together! Family epiphanies are AWESOME! When we learn great things together, there's just nothing in the world that can top it! I wrote down the following information about Epiphanal Learning, from a blog that not longer exists: (at least, not under the name it was before...it was known as Called to Liber.) This will be my course of study for the next little while. I want to commit these truths to memory so they'll always be with me!

Epiphanal Speaking: 2 Nephi 32:2
Epiphanal Learning: Look and glean understanding: 1 Nephi 11 (or is it 1 Ne.1:11?? Not sure.)
Epiphanal Reading: Cast your nets: Luke 5: 4-5
Epiphanal Study: By study and also by faith: D&C 88:18
Epiphanal Teaching: Don't teach without the Spirit D&C 42:14
Epiphanal Colloquia (or discussions): All have voice and all edified: D&C 88:122
Epiphanal Living: Let the Spirit guide you: D&C 11:12 and D&C 45:57

Today I received a special call from a fellow homeschooler and friend who I deeply admire and look up to! She paid me a very nice compliment about the class I taught at the HIP Retreat! I was truly honored! This was such a confidence booster for me, and has renewed my faith in myself and my efforts as a homeschooling wife and mother! She has asked me to take on a great responsibility in or homeschooling community. I am excited! Mr. Man is super supportive and excited for me! I will ask my Father in Heaven for His wisdom about it, and then will make my decision! Change is in the air! (Remember, I said that recently!) I am excited to hear from my Father in Heaven, what His will is for me and for our family! I will keep you all posted about the changes that come our way! Even when life is hard and challenges are upon us, I can still see the blessings and feel the love of my personal Savior, Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father! I am often amazed at their love and care for me and mine! :0)

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