Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Great Week

Growing up, for some reason, I always looked at Sunday as the last day of the week. It was the end of another weekend. The worst part was that I didn't like Monday's! I really didn't like them! (I didn't like the thought of going to school...if I could have, I would have chosen to skip school altogether.) And it's not to say that I didn't like learning...I actually LOVED to learn! I still do! But I didn't like the social scene of school (from about junior high, on.) It represented a world that I didn't care to belong to. Part of being in my awkward teenage years, I suppose. forward to now, and I am SO glad that I see Sunday's as the spiritual jump start to my week! And while I like going to church and learning, my most favorite things about Sunday are the time spent making plans for our week as a family, and studying gospel topics together! I am glad that we have this time each week, to re-focus our efforts and priorities, repent, re-charge and renew! The kiddo's LOVE going to church, and coming home to tell us what they learned about! I LOVE that they are all so young and close in age! They get excited about the same things and find the same things interesting! It's a beautiful thing! So, today I am gearing up for a great week of new discoveries about myself, my family and the gospel!

Speaking of discoveries. Last night, Snug-a-Bug and I were doing a reading lesson together, and he explained to me that he has dyslexia. (He of course, didn't know to call it that, but there's no doubt that's what it is.) Mr. Man and I had had our suspicions about this a couple of years ago, and in Snug's MRI report from a few years ago (where he was also diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy), it says that due to a phonemic processing disorder, he could have dyslexia as he got older. Well, he does. And it was such a blessing that he was able to explain things to Mr. Man and I, in such a detailed way. He spoke of letters flipping upside-down, lines of text trading places with each other and letters switching places with each other too. We talked about numbers and even punctuation marks, and what they look like to him...if he sees them at all. We are amazed that Snug has learned to read as well as he has so far, but also understand his genius! We have always known how incredibly smart and imaginative he is! He is creative and has lots of talent for artistry and mechanical things! (All blessings that come from dyslexia.) I was blessed to attend a HIP night (an evening of learning, put on by our home education community), where a couple spoke to us about their home education experiences. The husband explained that he has dyslexia and shared the name of a highly recommended book with us. It's called The Gift of Dyslexia and it's written by Ronald D. Davis. (He has dyslexia, himself.) Snug and I read through a few parts of it on Amazon, last night, and are excited to learn from this book when we order it. I LOVED the language of this book (so far), and can see why it's so highly recommended. It speaks so positively of the gifts that dyslexia bestows on the person who has it! We are grateful for this knowledge about our Snug-a-Bug and are eager to help him as he progresses through his learning experiences, with this unique learning style! :0)

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