Friday, September 3, 2010


We're makin' bread today! Dilly Bread, Wheat Bread (maybe some Wheat Dilly Bread), Rolls, maybe some cinnamon bread or rolls, etc. Each kiddo' gets to make their own mini-loaf (or roll). It's like Extreme Play Dough! They are excited and I am excited! What are the lessons to be learned today, you ask?? They are miriad! Chemical changes, chemical reactions (what does the baking soda do?), observations and hypothesis, math skills, a little occupational therapy (roll, squeeze and pull the dough, use the spoon to stir in the flour, sensory integration through getting your hands down into the gooey dough), the senses of taste and smell and sight, kitchen safety, work (individual and team work), awesome conversations (some of which will have everything to do with bread or dough and some that won't!) Who knows where this thing could go??? We're talkin' Extreme Home School! We'll get out the bread maker, and let it help us with some of the work too, so then we get to talk about machines! And knowing my kiddo's, part of our conversation will revolve around the fact that an egg WOULD have been a chicken, and that "Yes...when we eat eggs or chicken or ground beef or ham, etc.... we are eating farm animals." (They are very into this whole discussion right now, and I am just happy that they keep eating it all anyway!) :0) And when we start talking about a farm, the subject of a garden will come up as well. It always does! So, we'll spend some time talking about the green smoothies we like to make at lunch time, and why they taste so good and are so healthy for our bodies. One of the kids will start talking about how Heavenly Father and Jesus made our bodies, and then some great gospel centered questions will come up. We'll have a great gospel discussion and the kiddo's will impress me yet again, with all that they know (especially their testimonies)! And All THIS from a loaf or two of bread! It's like giving a moose a muffin! It always leads to something else! Bring it on! :0)

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