Saturday, September 25, 2010

"What are you doing Ladybug?"

Last night (or I should say REALLY EARLY this morning--it was 3:30 a.m.), I awoke to the sound of Miss Ladybug laughing and talking to herself in her crib. I gave Mr. Man and little nudge and said "Are you hearing this?", to which he mumbled "Uh-huh." And then, I said what I always say..."There is really something wrong with our daughter and it makes me sad." I started to fall back asleep, but then remembered that I needed to get up and go video tape her, so we can show doctors what's going on. So I dragged myself down the hallway and picked up the camera and turned it on. My conversation with Ladybug went something like this:

Me: Ladybug, whatcha' doin'?
Ladybug: (Loudly) "I'm having a party!" (This cracked me up, because I have always referred to her sleep disturbances as "parties" because that's what they are for her. I just never expected her to pick up on that, and say it back to me.
Me: Oh...well maybe you should go back to sleep and have the party tomorrow, when everyone else can come.
L: Wiggle Bug told me get out of my crib!
Me: Wiggle Bug is asleep. So is everyone else. Can you go to sleep?!?!?!?
L: (Proceeded to name everyone in the family and say that they were in their beds.)

It went on for a few more minutes, and then I turned off the camera and went back to bed, while she proceeded to have a party for at least the following hour and a half or so. Plus...she was awake for the day, by at least 6:30 a.m. this morning. OY! We worry a lot about her!

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