Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Under the Weather

My whole family has been sick. Every single one of us have had what I refer to as the "creepy crud". Stuffy noses, sore throats, sneezing, coughing and low grade fevers. Yuck! Wasn't I just feeling sort of icky, like a week ago? Yeah, that's what I thought, but apparently I hadn't had enough of it. Who knew? :) The worst part about it, is the nighttime ritual of "chasing coughs". I went on a cough chasing spree last night...walking through the house each time I heard someone cough, trying to figure out who needed more elevation with extra pillows under their heads, or a cool drink of water or a tissue. Talk about a wild goose chase! Whew! But it's just something ya' do when you're a mom. Even when you'd rather be snoozing. Hence, one of the reasons for my super gnarly man voice today! Hubba Hubba! I think I seriously scared my kids this morning, when I started talking as I came down the stairs. They all ran over to see the groovy man who had somehow, mysteriously gotten into a window on the second floor and was coming down to say "Good Morning!" They crack me up! "Is that you, Mom? I thought you were a stranger in our house!" So funny!

This afternoon, while babes were napping, I sat reading Laddie, in my chair. The clouds started to rumble and the wind began to blow...really strong. I had to run into the backyard and rescue some toys from the grasp of the storm. We almost lost a few over the fence. The children woke up and came to the window to watch Mr. Man and I chasing toys and getting wet in the rain. Cuddle Bug said "Mom, Jesus is sending us rain!" I love his sweet innocence and the profound beauty of that statement! He knows that Jesus and Heavenly Father were just "watering the earth." So true! So sweet! So while we've been under the weather this past week, and nothing feels very great right now, Heavenly Father must have thought He'd remind us of the beauty that can come from being under His weather". It puts things in a whole new perspective!


  1. I hope you all get feeling better soon!

  2. I love this description of being under the weather!!!

  3. Thank you, Verena and Heather! We are starting to feel a little better around here!