Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweet Musings from the Kiddo's

"Mom!", Luv Bug said to me today. "Did you wear a princess crown when you got married?" "You mean, like a tiara?", I said. "I borrowed my best friend's veil...why?" Luv Bug said "Well...I was thinking that I want to have four kids! And I want to name the first stister (nope, it's not mispelled, that's how she says it) Tiara! Yeah...and then there will be a brother named...Bob, and then Junior and Sal." "Wow!", I said. "Those are great names!" :0)

Tonight when Luv Bug said our family prayer, among other very smart and witty things, she asked Heavenly Father to "bless us with great bodies." I was particularly grateful for this request, since my bod could use some greatness, if ya' know what I mean! Pete and I really are trying to focus more on eating healthier and exercising, so her prayer is right up our alley! She is officially adorable and cracks us up! Luv Bug really does say the best prayers! She always asks for "the spirit to be in our home", and for "us not to fight with our stisters (there's that cute word again), and brothers." Then she always follows it up with a very profound plea to " please bless us that no cats will come in our backyard anymore and if they do, that they won't eat the birds, and that the birds will eat all the ants.", or something like that! Ya' gotta' love Miss Luv Bug! She brightens our world!

Snug-a-Bug once told me that he was going to have 19 children. I said "Whoa! Are ya' gonna' ask your wife how she feels about that?" He said "What do ya' mean? She gonna' love it!" (Yes, I love his voice too!) Today, he told me he was going to the "Hiney Store, to buy a hiney for ONE dollar!" He and I have this standing joke that he is a little deficient in the hiney department, and he always says he's going to buy a bigger one. (His pants are always falling down, because he doesn't have a hiney to hold them up. LOL) He also crack us up!

Cuddle Bug drew a picture for me the other day, and when I asked him to tell me about it, he said "This is a music thing, Mom! Yeah...and I DO'ed it for that!" His little voice is also quite precious! He cracked us up at dinner tonight, when, after asking for more Parmesan cheese on his pasta, proceeded to then eat JUST the cheese off of the pasta, with his fingers. He is one wacky cutie pie! I love it when he says the prayer for the food! He usually just keeps saying over and over again, "We're thankful for this day...We're thankful for this day...", until you help him move on with the prayer. However, yesterday he did a little better with it, and I can tell he's growing up. He's getting so tall, and is thinning out. I can't believe how big he's getting.

Mister Wiggle Bug has been coughing the last couple of days. NOT GOOD! :( Especially, when he's finally been pretty healthy for the last few months. He's so sweet when he says "I sick, Mom!", while simultaneously smiling from ear to ear! He really does need your prayers! He sleeps elevated and takes acid reflux medication every night, to try and stave off the sinus infections that the reflux causes. Today, when we did our Hoorays for the Day, he volunteered to go first. He just stood there and smiled saying "Ummmm..." We finally decided that he needed the first "Hooray!", for eating his dinner so well tonight! He is one funny, little man!

When we did the "Hooray for the Day", tonight...Ladybug walked over to me and just said "Yay Me!" I'll take it! She doesn't talk a whole lot, so that was pretty great for her! Miss Ladybug's new favorite things to do are: Set up story books so they look like roof tops, and then put her feet under them...or pull all the kitchen chairs around her, and box herself in. She also likes to dump the toys out of the toy bins, and sit in them. And today, at naptime, I observed for a few minutes, as she kept knocking her fist into her face, over and over again, and laughing. Such a qwerky girl! We have an "un-offical" PDD-NOS diagnosis for her. (Unofficial, because the lady was just a psych. nurse practitioner, and didn't write it down. We didn't like her though, so we wait for a call from a new Developmental Pediatrician, to get her scheduled to see him sometime...NEXT YEAR! Talk about, booked out!) Anyway, she is so funny and sweet and precious, and we adore her! :D)

I love watching my kiddo's grow, and hearing all the cute things they say!

P.S. I can't WAIT to meet my grandkiddo's someday! Tiara, Bob, Junior, Sal and all the others! I just know they will fit those names perfectly! :0)

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  1. cute post. i want to meet your kids. when are we going to get together?!

    what's your email? send me a note:

    ps. I love our autism dr: Dr. gentry

    the melmed center is also good for autism.

    also, dr. sweetman can diagnose autism!