Friday, August 20, 2010

So...I think we can dance! (dance, dance, dance)

"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain." ~ Vivian Greene

I don't know who Vivian Greene is (Should I??), But I love this quote! Since the issues just keep raining down on us lately, I suppose we will just dance through them! I am a dancer anyway! (Well...I was!) I can do it! Mr. Man can too! I taught him! :0) I just worry about our kiddo's having to dance for too long. I wish their storms would pass by quicker!

Ladybug and Wiggle Bug's doctor's appointments today, didn't reveal any GREAT news! Genetics is no closer to understanding L's gene deletion, learning deficits, behaviors or issues. They will see her again in a year, and hopefully, there will be new information about the 9(q)33.1 deletion. Wiggle Bug's echo revealed that his left ventricle IS dilated again. Oh...and apparently, he's had leaky valves in his heart this whole time, and I am just finding this out. Not that I could have done anything about it, but it would have been nice to know. I am his mother. (Sorry while I vent about the few down sides of adoption through foster care. I LOVE adoption! I LOVE foster care! But the foster care system lets a lot of kids down.) I have to say that the total lack of information about his issues, has been so disappointing to Mr. Man, and I. Not because we don't absolutely love and adore him and all that he is...but because this lack of information has let him down.'s starting to sprinkle around here. No major thunderstorms right now...just light showers.

To add to these "light showers", our sweet Luv Bug is really starting to struggle with some behavioral and sensory issues that neither she nor we, understand very well. She is beautiful and precious! She is such a great kiddo'! She wants to mind and listen but she struggles to. And she doesn't understand why life gets harder when she doesn't. Some drastic changes have occurred in her lately. We worry about her! She is really quite blessed that things aren't more severe. Her potential for inheriting much more severe issues, is pretty big. We want so much to help her, and we want to do it in the most healthy and natural way. We have some resources available to us, but it may take a while before we know JUST what will really help her the most! Please pray for her!

Snug-a-Bug is such a great kiddo', too! He LOVES to help and he is really great at it! Today, he did some vacuuming and dishes! All because he wanted to help my mom, who was here watching the oldest three! He is a smart kiddo'! But, lately he has been struggling with understanding consequences. We are trying to help him understand and learn more about obedience and consequences, and that he has the freedom to choose. Please pray that he can gain the knowledge he needs to achieve his goals and continue to learn and grow!

Cuddle Bug is doing better at stepping out of his comfort zone, a bit more. He likes what he likes and doesn't stray from it. It's the beauty of being a kid, I suppose! He is one picky kiddo' most of the time, but is learning to "broaden his horizons!" Please pray that he will continue to find beauty and joy in trusting what we say and trying new things!

Would you pray for Mr. Man and I, too? We want to be enlightened as to how best to help our sweet little ones! We want to be the best parents we can! We want them each to have special time with us, and to know they are individually important to us! We want them to feel our love for them, individually! We know that our family is part of Heavenly Father's plan for us! We know they are all meant to be here...right here, right now! We just need to be buoyed up and personally inspired, for each of them! We think we can dance through it all! We just need to keep finding the beauty in the rain! At least our kiddo's like to jump in puddles! I guess we could learn a thing or two from their sweet attitudes about all of this! And I guess the trick with it all, is to remember that Heavenly Father KNOWS we can dance! Why is it so easy to forget that, sometimes? :)

P.S. There WAS a ray of sunshine today! A pretty great one, actually! When I got home from being at appointments for 9 hours (yes, that's how long I was gone today), I asked the kiddo's how it went with having my Mom here today. They showed me what they decided to play with, while the school cabinet was open today, and it started a great discussion! It didn't last very long, but I really feel like they learned some great information in the few minutes that we spent discussing their day today! Yaaaaaaaaay for sunshine! Yaaaaaaay for a closet that they are excited to learn from each day! Yaaaaaaay for great discussions and learning moments! Yay! :0)

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