Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Slumber Party...Of Sorts

Two nights ago, Mr. Man got up quite early to go to work. It was something like 2 a.m. How I LOVE that man! He works so hard to provide for us! He loves us SO much! It's obvious, because of all he sacrifices in our behalf! Well anyway, Miss Ladybug was having her very own party in her crib. Mr. Man had gone in to check on the kids (as he does every time he gets up to go to work), and she was sitting up and talking to herself. He came in to kiss me goodbye and told me what Ladybug was up to, and I asked him to bring her into our room to sleep with me. So...he brought her to me, feeding pump and all, and she and I snuggled in for the night. This was one LONG night! She proceeded to have her very own slumber party, right there next to me, in our bed, for the next 2 and a half hours, at which point she drifted off for maybe an hour and was then up for the day around 5:30-ish. This of course, because we aren't giving her sleep meds. to her anymore. (We will be picking up some Melatonin for her tomorrow, while we are getting some for Miss Luv Bug. See previous post.) How did I make sure she wasn't up, walking around my room and putting holes in our bedroom wall with her feeding pump??? I slept while simultaneously holding on to one of her ankles, so I would know where she was. How did I do that??? A mother just has these kinds of talents. I love being a mother! It has taught me that I have talents I would never have imagined! It's bizzare. This is about the third of fourth time in about a week or so, that she has had one of these "parties that no one else wants to come to." LOL :0) I laugh...and then I cry. What's wrong with my baby girl? This is NOT normal. I take my rocking chair into her room, a lot, and sit by her crib and rock her, desperately trying to get her to sleep. She always wants to tell me about how her eyes are blue and mine are green and about how Daddy is a boy and her brothers are boys and how she and her sister are girls and I am a girl, and about how she has ears. SO CUTE and SO WRONG at the same time! I love that she wants to talk, but she should be tired! Strike that...she IS tired! She should be SLEEPING! She constantly has dark circles around her eyes. She has started napping a little bit longer during the day, which is good. She used to nap for about 45 minutes (this was while we were giving her sleep meds. that we don't give anymore due to limb pain), now she naps (are you ready for this?)...a whopping hour or sometimes an hour and a half. Our other kiddo's will take a 2 or 3 hour nap, in addition to sleeping a good 10 or 12 hours a night. And the doctors don't have any answers. I am worried about the long term affects this will have on her. Her cognition is already delayed. The lack of sleep can't be helping that. OY! How do I keep up with all of the drama that is my life? The answer is: Because I love all of these precious people who are my family! Love is the driving force for me! And someday...I will have the perspective I need, to understand it all, the way the Lord sees it. Until then...I pray, I learn and I love. (and sometimes I sleep.) :0)


  1. Sleeping while holding her by the ankle...I have not heard of that one before! You are quite a talented lady! LOL! My friend put one of her kids on a "kid leash" (the cute koala bear one) and put it around her wrist while she laid on the couch during a very bad pregnancy. It was the only way to keep from having to chase the little guy around the house (which brought on bleeding for mom).

    I'm so sorry that things are still crazy during the night at your house. Hopefully plain Melatonin will do the trick. I found ours at Wal-mart.

  2. LOL! I like the leash idea! I may have to try that sometimes! One thing us mom's definitely are, is resourceful! I'll keep ya'll posted! :0)