Sunday, August 22, 2010

She Calls Her Sassafras...Sassy for Short.

At first, Luv Bug told us that the monster inside of her was a boy named Boris. But today, she decided that it's a girl named Sassafras...or Sassy. She is still doing really well with learning how to express her feelings and I think it helps her to talk about it being "someone or something else" that is behaving this way. We always tell her what a good girl she is! Sitting Strong is still helping, but we are also still concerned. Mr. Man and I have been talking about what might be bringing out the monster in our Luv Bug lately. We think it could be the new medicine we recently started giving her, to help her sleep at night. We got it at Hi-Health and it's called Melatonin Complex 3mg. We give her a very small dose. In addition to Melatonin, it has Passion Flower and Valerian Root in it. I read that Valerian Root is supposed to help ADHD. We have always gone back and forth, about whether Zoie has a little ADHD. Her bio-father had it. But we don't necessarily think that she does. She attends to activities just fine. She just struggles with anxiety and impulse control. She has always had trouble sleeping, so we decided to talk to her doctor about giving her something natural to help her sleep. He recommended plain Melatonin, but the closest we could find was this stuff. We checked it over with him and he said it was fine, but to try a "Medicine Holiday" every now and then, to give her body a break from it. Well we haven't given her a break from it...yet. We decided tonight, that her crazy behavior correlates with right after we started giving her this new medicine. So now...we are going to try and find just plain Melatonin and see if the monster goes away. Tonight will be her last dose of this stuff! It has been helping her sleep great! It's the daytime behaviors that are unusual. Bless her heart! She really doesn't understand what's been happening to her, and I really think that this medicine is making her feel kinda' crazy and she doesn't know how to put it into words. I know that one of the ways modern medicine treats kids with ADHD, is to give them medicines that have caffeine in them, and that it will usually have the opposite effect on them and calm them down. I wonder if the Valerian Root or the Passion Flower have a similar affect, like caffeine, and are affecting her this way because she doesn't have ADHD. Questions...questions! I have some praying to do about this, but I think we are on the right track! Wish us luck!


  1. Oh man...yes, ADHD kids react to caffeine as a "calm down" instead of a "perk up" like it is for the rest of us. Plain Melatonin might be better. The only side-effect I have ever heard of with Melatonin is that people sometimes have vivid dreams.

  2. Yes, Celeste! Zoie has always been a vivid dreamer anyway, and we have definitely seen that she talks in her sleep a little more than she used to! A good friend of mine told me that they have 1 mg. Melatonin tablets at GNC, that are cherry flavored and dissolve under the tongue. We are going to try that with both of our girls and see how it helps!