Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prayers Please! (Yep, I'm askin' again!)

Boy what a LONG day today! Nothin' too crazy occurred, it was just one of those days that kept going like the Energizer Bunny! Non Stop! Anyway...kiddo's are in Slumberland and I am headed there pretty soon, myself. I just wanted to ask for your prayers really quick, for Miss Ladybug! We need prayers for a couple of reasons:
1. She isn't sleeping. (Shocker, I know!) :( My sweet hubby told me tonight, that every morning when he gets up for work, he goes in to check on her and she's laying quietly in her bed with her eyes wide open, awake. Now, he gets up at different times every day, depending on his schedule for that day, but she's always awake. Sometimes she's up having one of her all-night parties, but sometimes she's just laying there, quiet, with her eyes wide as saucers. For example, this morning it was 3 A.M. She wasn't having a party, but she definitely wasn't sleeping either. I am almost beside myself, trying to figure this all out! This sleep disorder stuff is for the birds! The melatonin we give her at bedtime, usually helps her get to sleep and stay asleep for about 3 hours, but then she's awake again. She's SO TIRED, as witnessed by the dark circles around her eyes.
2. Miss Ladybug goes back to the Immunologist tomorrow so we can get the results from her blood work. Talk about having mixed emotions...I am completely boggled about how I'd like this appointment to go. I think if I were to sum it up in a nutshell, I would have to say, that I really want him to tell me all the blood work came back normal and that everything's fine, but then there is the other half of me, that logically knows there is something very wrong with our little girl, and so I would really love for the doctor to tell me he found some clues to the puzzle! She is still complaining of limb pain, though not nearly as bad as she did before we took her off of her sleep meds., so this has left us wondering again. I'll be mentioning this all at the appointment tomorrow. It's not a matter of wanting to hear the "Everything's fine!", because I know that everything isn't fine. We would just love to hear some information that moves us closer to an answer for her! Does that make sense? She is so innocent and precious! She doesn't understand any of what's happening to her. No one seems to. We are her only voice, and so after politely going through the motions and doing everything we've been told to do, there is just a part of Mr. Man and myself, that is tired of being quiet and timid. We feel like standing on top of a mountain and shouting at the top of our lungs "Somebody tell us what's wrong with our little girl, and we're not coming down off this mountain and we're not going to stop screaming until we get some answers!" I haven't tried this tactic yet, but let me tell ya'...I am this close! :0)
We appreciate your prayers and friendship and know that Heavenly Father is walking this journey with us. We know that He loves us and that He will help us to find some answers for her, in His good time. We just pray for the patience to wait and the wisdom to know how to advocate for her! We'll keep ya' posted!

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