Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The "Do Over!" ,the "Pause Button" and the "Reminder Wall"

I have been thinking about instituting a "Do Over!", in our family. You know...someone slams a door and you say "Do Over!", or someone yells, whines or tattles and you say "Do Over!" I think a key element that is missing from our lives every day, is the ability to try again, when it comes to everyday life as a family. I really think that pre-teaching our children, is very important, but I also think that re-teaching with a quick "Do Over!", will do wonders for helping all of us correct negative behaviors! It's kind of like the "PAUSE BUTTON", that Stephen R. Covey talks about in his 7 Habits books. I really want to develop my "PAUSE BUTTON"! I want to teach my children to do the same thing, so that when life gets crazy, we can take a breath and really think before we act/react toward each other. I think these two important elements, added to the really great systems we already have in place, will make home a true heaven on earth! They will help us to hold each other accountable, in a positive way, and also help us not to take life too seriously! I am planning to make a "visual aid" to remind us to use these valuable tools. I am going to make signs glued to large popsicle sticks, that say "Do Over!" and "Pause", and keep one of each, on each floor our home. Lately, I am all about props. It's easier to use a system, if you have something on the wall, that is visible to you every day! Some day I will have to take a picture of our "Reminder Wall" that holds all of our systems and charts, so you can see what I mean. It drives my mom crazy, as seen every time she comes over, but for us it is practical and necessary. They say that valuable information should be memorized as a family, so we are putting that to practice. On this wall, we also have a few great quotes, scriptures, our Chore Certificates, our Obedience Bugs chart,etc. On another wall in our kitchen, we have posted The Articles of Faith, The Ten Commandments and The Gospel Standards. If ya' wanna' live it, ya' gotta' learn it, and we have taken that to heart! I'll let you know about the "props" I come up with, and how they work for us! :D)

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  1. Thank you Celeste! I am grateful that you so willingly share your experiences on your blog, so that I get to learn from you! :D)