Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the Right Track

I really do feel like we are on the right track with Ladybug's care! We saw a really great Immunologist today, who was knowledgeable, friendly and a great listener and who seems to understand some of the next steps to take to understand her issues better. He ordered more blood work, which we did today. I decided to let Ladybug know where we were going, before we got to the lab. As soon as we pull into the parking lot these days, she usually starts screaming and saying "No!", and I just decided that I want her to trust me, and not feel like I just spring it on her. So, I told her where we were going. She just said "No, Mom!" She did such a good job though, and was such a big girl! The ladies there, were quite impressed that Ladybug "knew the drill" so well, when she sat on my lap and put the arm rest down...saying "No pokey!", all the while. She didn't fight at all...just cried a little. That actually makes me sad, because it's a testament to how many times she's been poked for this or that. She used to kick and scream and now she just says "No!", and goes along with it. Poor baby! They took 4 vials of blood from my little girl! The doctor is running tests to see if her body is attacking itself, if the previous vaccinations she's been given, worked...and to check out what is going on with all of her blood cells, platelets, etc. He also said that he may want to test her for food and environmental allergies sometime soon, if needed. He said that her current sleep medicines (the two that she is taking), may be causing the pain she is experiencing, and he may want us to take her off her meds., to see if her pain improves or gets worse. I can't honestly believe it. Mr. Man and I haven't felt settled about giving these medicines to Ladybug, simply because we feel like it's just masking the problem. They don't seem to help all the time, anyway. Now we find out that they may actually be causing her pain. Yikes! I don't hardly know what to think about all of this, but I will keep you all posted! I don't know what we'll do without the sleep medicines. They have at least helped her not to be up ALL night long, like she used to. What will do if we have to go back to sleepless nights for her? Please pray that no matter what the answers are, that we can know and understand them for her sake! Thanks! :0)


  1. One of my friends crushes a Melatonin (a natural sleep aid) tablet into milk and has her daughter drink it to help her sleep. She even gave it to her in her bottles. I give my kids Melatonin, but I started them when they were five, which is older than Ladybug. It is natural and you might want to get the lowest level (1mg) and cut it in half. My kids now take the 3mg tablets since they are older. I even took the 1mg tablets for awhile and they still work, but I like the 3mg ones now.

    The body attacking itself is what happens to Nayna. If she gets sick, instead of attacking the virus/bacteria, the body attacks her legs, usually in the joints and calf muscles.

  2. I have been thinking about your Nayna, actually, in all of this that we are experiencing. We actually got the "go-ahead" from Ladybug's doctor, to use 1-2 mg. tablets of melatonin with her, "in addition to the current sleep meds she is getting." That part just makes me crazy! Who in this world would think it's normal to give a child 3 medications to help them sleep at night? I am glad that the immunologist supports our desire to find out "WHY" she isn't sleeping, instead of just masking it with meds. Now that we have taken her off of her sleep meds. (we didn't give them last night, and she actually had a good night), we may give her the melatonin in the future if she needs it. It is working wonders for our Luv Bug! Ladybugs limbs were still hurting her today, but I am giving it some time, to see if the pain dissipates, the longer she is off the meds. Thank you for your friendship and love, Celeste! We will keep ya' posted! :0)

  3. I'm glad to hear she's had a couple nights of sleep without the medications! I hope the doc can find out what's wrong and treat the actual problem. :) It's hard not knowing...